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South African Residence in Cape Town Has a Surprinsing Garden

The Bridle Road Residence (or the Gubbins House ) in Cape Town, South Africa, was designed by  architectural designer Antonio Zaninovic, Rees Roberts and Partners and ASLA partner David Kelly. Winning a 2010 Honor Award from the American Society and Landscape Architects, the home is known for its  many sustainable features and an amazing local flora garden.

The main accents of the garden are the Fynbos , a thretened collection of fine shrubs that are native to South Africa. Protected by public view in three sides, the home has a magnificent view of the bay area through the big windows. A self-cleaning pool in the back of the house insures a natural circuit: “Water in the natural pool circulates upward into a reflection pool in a private courtyard above, then washes over the side of the house in a waterfall that flows over the window of an indoor bathing room and sauna”. Built with locally-poured concrete and balau wood native to this region, the Bridle Road Residence is an eco-friendly building with a lot of surprisinlgy features and an amazing garden.

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