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Modern Barn House Slides for Different Panoramas

DRMM Architects created this self-build house in Suffolk, UK. The materials used for this retractable home are timber, steel, rubber, glass and aluminium. On the outside, timber cladding covers all of the mobile structure, while the fixed walls are made from glass.



Sliding from one end to the other, the clad shell of the house gives the inhabitants more choices when it comes to the look, the behaviour and the panoramas of the home. Movement is powered by hidden electric motors on wheels integrated into the wall. The tracks can be extended in the future if the client wishes to build a swimming pool. The clean lines of a barn or a shed can be recognized in a modern architectural design. Three separate structures form the house: the main house, the garage and the annexes. Beautiful and practical, the Sliding House is a joy to look at while knowing its characteristics.






Modern Barn House Slides 8

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