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Tattoo House by Andrew Maynard: surprising multi functional and budget solution

Andrew Maynard, whose Vader House we have presented earlier, has chosen an interesting design idea that gave its name to the Tattoo House in Victoria, Australia.



The Tattoo House is an extension to a 3 bedroom house, including a new living space and kitchen, with open plans allowing a lot of natural light, as per the client’s requests. The simple “box” with a complete glass façade ensures just that and the white tree sticker “tattooed” onto the glass, in contrast with the red finishes is artful in spite of being a commercial  touch, and filters the light into the living spaces like a real curtain of trees.

Furthermore, it provides opacity and glare reduction. The design of the inside spaces is simple and multi-functional, an efficient result for the tight budget, and abides by the same red and white color scheme . The practical furnishing and especially the sleek “folded sheet” stairs and a part of the kitchen counter serving, interestingly enough, as stair platform,  add an industrial and studio touch.

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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