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Fish House or residential Spa by Guz Architects in Singapore

This nature-loving luxury residence by Guz Architects is located in Singapore and goes by the name ‚the Fish House’.  The space organization gradually brings nature into this eco-friendly home whose dominant texture and color is given by wood, most appropriately so for a house nestled in tropical vegetation and overlooking a supremely blue ocean.

The ground floor develops around a spa and pool with green islands and waterfalls, having the clear glass living room overhung in a console over it. The house is a spectacle, from the lighting of the water and spa area to the light and lofty structure of slim pilasters and vast glass surfaces. The delicately waved roofs with wood-finished ceilings on the inside are a significant feature of the Fish house, parts of them housing green rooftops.

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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