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Maximum Garden House by Formwerkz coins the hybrid “Garden Wall”

The Maximum Garden House in Jalan Rendang, Singapore, is a curious appearance into the town street front, with its philosophy called “more planting space”, ingeniously applied. The  “green” creation by Formwerkz Architects has its focal point established on the upper floor, a black rectangular case shape cantilevering over a brick coloured concrete supporting frame enclosing the ground floor.

The Maximum Garden House has nature literally clinging to it, not only on its sloping green rooftop but also in the ingenious wall of staggered horizontal elements defining the upper facade. This “curtain wall” or “organic envelope” according to the architects, next to a large screen window, has the appearance of superimposed shelves and drawers containing grass. It also keeps the rain out and acts as a privacy screen and very interesting light filter.

The interior is appropriately contemporary and elegant, with wooden floors, transverse white planes dividing the space, sleek and shiny black surfaces and dark brown mosaic tile walls for a touch of glamour, tree-shaped chairs for a touch of playful art.

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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