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House Luxembourg: Modern Conversion Revitalizes 1920’s Manor Residence

Transforming a forgotten 1920’s manor house in the heart of Luxembourg, EPAD managed to turn a dark and poorly planned interior into a light-filled modern home that meets the demands of an urban family. Spread across two different levels, the traditional manor house was completely altered using a new floor plan that turned two levels of the home into a living area. Connected by a stunning, open wood-and-steel staircase that ends up being the most prominent feature of the rejuvenated House Luxembourg, the interior is filled with natural light, which finds its way through the attic and the second level on to the bottom floor.

Stunning new staircase transforms 1920's manor house in Luxembourg

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To further improve ventilation without sacrificing space, the old light shaft was replaced by a cool, walkable glass slab on the second level. The attic-level bedrooms enjoy a flood of natural light, thanks to the presence of six roof windows, even as the original timber structure here was preserved and restored. Repairs to the roof were carried out to improve the insulation of the house and avoid any future leaks, while a simple color palette and Scandinavian-style décor give the home an inviting and polished appeal. [From: Serge Ecker (GRID-Design)]

Attic living room of renovated 1920s manor house in Luxembourg

Revamped loft living space of the home in Luxembourg with a glass slab that fliters light to lowerr level

Stunning use of glass slab and contemporary fireplace for the loft living area

Tom Dixon pendant lights add style to the stairway

Large doors and windows bring light into the revamped home

Wood and steel staircase connects the various levels of the house

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The technical and structural requirements to integrate these constructions into the existing timber frames of the roof and slab demanded a solid and yet discrete and integrated solution by architect, structural engineer and metalworker. The clear forms, lines, materials and colors were deliberately kept subtle and toned down to emphasize the owner’s diverse collections.

Gorgeous modern wood and steel staircase with light shaft brings in natural light to various levels of the house

Contemporary bathroom with glass shower area

Closer look at the new stairway inside the Luxembourg House

Floor plan of the living area of the Luxembourg house

Look at the new roof design of the revamped manor house in Luxembourg

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