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Glass and Timber Extension Revamps 18th Century Farmstead in UK

Set in the confines of Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom, the West Yard Farm in its latest avatar is a wonderful blend of the old and the new. Designed by Van Ellen + Sheryn, the stunning 18th century farmstead was refurbished and extended to accommodate the needs of a modern family. The new contemporary extension in timber and glass is at the heart of the project that aims to revitalize this historic structure, even while preserving its original aura and creating interiors that stay true to the rustic backdrop! Set in an idyllic 60-acre valley, the new building acts as a transitional zone between the original farmhouse and the converted bar.

18th century Dartmoor farmstead revamped into contemporary family home

The changeover from the old to the new is stark and yet seamless with the stone walls slowly giving way to large glass walls and a timber structure. The preserved and enhanced original stone walls seem to transport you back in time even as the refurbished interior in white ushers in modern comfort and aesthetics. It is a beautiful blend of contrasting eras, with each offering something unique. With the latest addition housing the kitchen and the sitting zone, it is the original farmhouse that contains the living area and the bedrooms.

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Gorgeous brick wall provides a beautiful backdrop for contemporary kitchen in white
Classic wood-burning fireplace for the dining room
Contemporary extension of the original building with timber and glass frame
Curved island for the kitchen creates a lovely hangout
Contemporary sitting area and kitchen inside the refurbished historic home
Wood-burning stoves heat the spacious modern home

Life at this dreamy dwelling is all about self-sustenance with four wood-burning stoves powering the heating needs of the entire house. Wood sourced from the landscape around the house is used here even as an array of photovoltaic panels brings solar energy to this British home. Timeless and yet adapting to changing times, this is a makeover that weaves together past, present and future! [Photography: Richard Downer Photography]

Large corner glass walls bring the rustic landscape indoors
Modern bathroom with slanted ceiling in white

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Pendant lights illuminate the lovely stairwell
Refurbished 18th century Dartmoor farmstead with original stone walls
Wood, glass and stone combined seamlessly at the West Yard Farm

The drainage design combines a package treatment plant with natural reed beds to process foul sewage, which enters the existing stream and pond system on-site. Surface water is similarly discharged into the existing water course, and buffered through a series of ponds and weirs to ease and additional run-off created.

Timber and glass structure sits next to the original stone walled farmstead
Original barn and farmhouse connected using a modern structure
Beautiful makeover of the Dartmoor farmstead into a stylish contemporary escape
Rustic landscape of the 18th century Dartmoor farmstead

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