18 High End Rugs to Delineate a Space with Style


A carefully selected rug will furnish a room with solace, warmth, depth and texture. It will help to delineate a space, framing a particular area and contextualizing surrounding objects. More than decoration or ornamentation, rugs enhance mood and wellbeing (improving ambience and acting as natural heat insulation), and provide honest qualities such as tactility and comfort. Rugs will often have a particular cultural relevance and context; as an article, they have been used by people for many…

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A DIY Cinder Block Succulent Wall with a Twist

Modern concrete block wall

Today I’m sharing my latest DIY project: a cinder block wall that can be used for succulents and any other plants you wish to incorporate! This project is by no means a new concept, but I’ve added a special twist that makes it super easy to assemble! While I didn’t use mortar or any other means of sticking these blocks together (since the wall isn’t…

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16 Old Trunks Turned Coffee Tables That Bring Extra Storage and Character

Trunk used as a coffee table with books and accessories

Trunks used as coffee tables are kind of a big trend, and for good reason! Not only do they add a bit of vintage style to the room, but they’re also roomy enough to store stuff like extra blankets, books, magazines, electronics, DVDs, or anything else you don’t want to keep out in the open for everyone to see. You can get them at antique stores, garage…

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Transitional Decor: Keep Summer Alive Throughout the Fall

Peacock blue sofa from Jonathan Adler

Some say the day after Labor Day is the unofficial beginning of fall. Here we are, the day after Labor Day, and I’m still not ready to say goodbye to summer. Who’s with me here? Luckily, some of today’s most popular design brands are on the same page, because a slew of new arrivals in shades of blue have proven that transitional decor is alive…

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Apartment in Benicàssim: Relaxed Beach Life Wrapped in Industrial Flair

Open design plan creates a flowing interaction between kitchen and dining space

Showcasing a smart and seamless fusion of Mediterranean, industrial and contemporary styles, Apartment in Benicàssim is a private residence designed by Egue y Seta. The house takes its inspiration from modern industrial lofts, and this distinct design approach is showcased in each and every room of the renovated home. Located in Benicàssim, which is renowned across the globe for hosting Spain’s top music festival, the…

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Lounge in Style with These Deck Furniture Ideas

Deck furniture ideas

There are still plenty of lounging days left before the weather turns chilly, so let’s make the most of it by celebrating some amazing outdoor furniture finds! Today’s post is dedicated to deck furniture ideas, from dining tables and chairs to stylish loungers. Put your feet up and enjoy the view as you browse the images below, and be sure to check out the specific…

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19th-Century Barn Revamped into an Energy-Efficient Rustic Home

Rustic entry of the Bovina House wrapped in reclaimed wood

Utilizing a timber frame from a nineteenth-century barn and turning it into a modern home that can brave the chilly winters of the Catskills is a tough and tricky task indeed. But this is precisely what the ingenious folks from Kimberly Peck Architect accomplished as they gave shape to the environmentally conscious Bovina House. The idea behind the project was simple enough in principle, but far…

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22 Illuminating Vintage Marquee Lighting Ideas

Four marquee letters to spell the word love

Despite looking like they belong at a carnival or an old restaurant from decades ago, vintage marquee lights can still bring a real sense of timeless dazzle to almost any room in your home these days. And because they were such a big signage trend back in the day, you can use them to personalize your decor with the right letters. Here are 22 examples that show just…

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Energize Your Workspace: 30 Home Offices with Yellow Radiance

Lovely use of wall art in the modern home office

Crafting the right environment in the workplace is incredibly important and it often affects both your creativity and work productivity. And if you often carry your work home or tend to work from home entirely, then having a dedicated home office or at least a small, organized workspace is indeed a smart choice. But a home workplace is much more than just putting a desk,…

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Why Renovate When These Easy Home Updates Are Possible?

Painted cabinets from A House in the Hills

If you’re ever moved into a new home and soon wondered how your renovation budget disappeared so quickly, today’s post is for you! In fact, if you’re renting and looking for some quick and easy updates that are anything but permanent, many of the ideas below will help you as well. In fact, you just might end up asking “Why renovate?” Thanks to the creativity…

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