Garage Floor Paint Options

Colorful garage with an epoxy floor

Let’s face it, no matter how clean the garage is, the floor is often less than desirable! Stains, dirt and other unwanted markings can make the garage appear junky. What’s the solution? How about a painted floor?! A high-gloss floor paint is a popular choice, and epoxy paint is increasingly being utilized as a tough yet aesthetically pleasing solution. The photos below will open your…

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DIY: Copper and Blackboard Painted Globe

Top View of the Painted Globe

Some pieces of decor are simply timeless. Globes seem to be making a comeback these days, and when displayed in collections they look pretty great! But what if you happen to have a globe that has seen better days? How do you display it then? Well, that’s nothing a little paint and some markers can’t fix! Dust Off That Old Globe! First, you want to…

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18 Open Concept Closet Spaces for Storing and Displaying Your Wardrobe

Old fashioned clothing rack used to display apparel and accessores

When it comes to designing and decorating a bedroom, most people don’t typically think of leaving all their clothes, shoes, and other accessories out in the open. After all, that’s what closets and dressers are for! But when you’re strapped for storage space with a tiny closet or a fairly large personal collection of apparel, you have to get a bit creative. One solution is to…

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30 Corner Drawers and Storage Solutions for the Modern Kitchen

Rustic kitchen with corner drawers that complement its style

It is barely surprising that the kitchen is often one of the first rooms that most homeowners think about either before making a purchase or undertaking a renovation project. It is one room of the house where form and functionality must be perfectly balanced to deliver the best possible result. Focus too much on one of the aspects and the other suffers. And since most…

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1918 Hollywood Craftsman Bungalow Gets a Curated, Eco-Friendly Makeover

Gallery walls create a beautiful  entry with initing warmth and color

The success of the adaptive reuse of materials and the appeal of restored historical structures have inspired an increase in the number of abandoned old factories and homes being turned into modern residences that have an aura of their own. Located in West Hollywood, this Craftsman bungalow was abandoned during the Great Depression and has since undergone plenty of wear and tear. But when travel…

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17 Elegant Classic Trestle Tables

Salvaged wood trestle table from Restoration Hardware

Can you tell we’re smitten with trestle tables here at Decoist? First we explored the power of trestle tables as desks, and then we celebrated the clean look of modern trestle tables. Today it’s all about the classics! In fact, the trestle tables below are so elegant, they just might inspire your next purchase. There’s nothing like a piece that evokes a sense of history and…

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25 Disney-Inspired Rooms That Celebrate Color and Creativity

Colorful and creative Mickey-themed kids' bedroom

Having a kid really changes your perspective on life, and in more ways than one. There will be plenty of times when it will seem all too hectic to handle, and then there will be those moments when you are captivated by their every little move! With their active imagination and ingenuity, kids often end up building their own worlds inspired by their favorite movies,…

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Exquisite Cordoba Flat Goes Industrial Chic with a Contemporary Twist

Dark cabinets and kitchen create a striking visual in the living room

The beautiful Cordoba Flat in Mexico City is an elegant blend of the modern and the vintage with its creative interior offering the best of both worlds. Designed by cadaval & solà-morales, this snazzy private home utilizes the available space to the hilt while ensuring that its historic past is not lost in the modern makeover. Exposed and whitewashed brick walls welcome you inside, as…

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8 Design Tips for Standing Desks That Are Versatile Enough for Sitting Too!

Wrap-around standing desk with bar stools

There’s been a lot of talk about how bad sitting for long periods of time is for your health, with study after study to prove it. If you have a home office, now couldn’t be more of a perfect time to shift your desk to a design that allows you to have the option to stand up and sit down. That doesn’t necessarily mean you…

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Make This Pretty DIY Party Banner (It’s Much Easier Than It Looks!)

DIY Yellow and Grey Theme Baby Shower Banner

You know you’ve reached a certain age when your weekend plans start to include more bridal and baby showers than nights out at the bar. Thankfully, I relish any excuse to craft, so you won’t hear any complaints from me! If you’re part of a shower planning committee and are looking for the perfect congratulatory banner, follow my DIY tutorial below to make one that…

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