TETREES: Play Tetris With Modular Wall Shelves And Cabinets

TETREES modular furniture used as a smart nightstand in the bedroom

How would you like the comfort and the convenience of being able to design your own wall cabinet and shelf units that range from the simple to the extravagant? What if we told you that you could do it all in a mere 5 minutes and without any professional help? Sounds impossible, right? Not after you take a look at the stylish, adaptable and functional…

3 Fun and Festive Halloween Party Concepts

Outdoor Halloween decorations from HalloweenCostumes

It’s that time, folks…time to start planning your Halloween party! Even if you’re not hosting an official fete, you may be on the hunt for festive decoration and food ideas to welcome the Halloween season. Kate here, and today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites, grouped into three main party concept ideas. Below you will find the latest in design-fabulous style, from the…

Posh Penthouse Loft Blends Timeless NYC Magic With Modern Aesthetics

17-foot ceilings and Bavarian Oak floors inside the NYC Penthouse

In the past, we have seen some amazing penthouses and New York City townhouses that have swept us off our feet with their grandeur. The innovative architects at Turett are at the forefront of this smart trend that not only turns narrow townhouses into sensational modern homes, but also gives old structures a dazzling new lease on life. Transforming a former Greenwich Street warehouse that was…

Cool Pendant Lights: Booo Unleashing A New World Of Lighting Delights

Art meets design with Formafantasma lamp for Booo

Reinventing the modern idea of a light bulb and lampshade, Booo has unveiled an amazing array of pendant lights that combine aesthetics with sustainable style. With LED lighting quickly taking over from conventional bulbs, Booo has challenged some of the best designers from across the globe to shape this brand new delight that offers an eco-friendly, trendy and lasting lighting option. The result is the…

Create A Round DIY Shelf In A Few Easy Steps

Round shelf header with text

Looking for an easy DIY project that reflects several of today’s top trends? Round shelving is a current hit, along with mixed materials such as wood and metal. Add a dash of geo style, and you’re set! This DIY shelf can be created with a small number of affordable supplies in a few easy steps. No drilling or sawing required! Read on for all the…

How To Design A Trendy, Fun Family Room

Beach style family room for the modern home [Design: Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants]

An important shift in home design trends in the last few years has been the conscious effort to use design as a way to ‘bring the family together’. With busy modern lifestyles, fast-paced urban life and smartphones that leave us spending more time online than with the people around us, it is an attempt that one cannot fault. The advent of the social kitchen has…

Old Warehouses Make Stunning Office Spaces!

Large industrial style focusse lighting inside the PBlok office

Transforming an old warehouse or factory into a stylish modern home is a trend that is gaining popularity across the globe. Thanks to the innovative and affordable design solutions offered by architects, some of these old warehouses are also being renovated and revamped into stunning office spaces. If you ever had any doubts about such a makeover, the gorgeous P Blok Production Studio in the business…

Chic Monochromatic DIY Painting With Ombre Style

Official monochromatic painting header

Ready for an easy DIY project? In fact, this one is so easy, affordable and fun, it’s hardly a “project”. More like an experience! Are you looking to add a dash of color to a specific place in your home? Maybe you want to bring out a color in your duvet cover, or perhaps you need that one piece to tie together a gallery wall of…

Intuitive And Inventive Wall Unit Systems Unleash Minimalist Magic

Captivating wall unit steals the show with its clever design

Wall unit systems are quickly turning into the heart of the living area, and they are replacing the old entertainment system as the focal point of the space. Bringing together a touch of metallic brilliance, the sleek style of glass and a hint of wooden warmth, the latest wall unit designs from Porada steal the show with their minimalist silhouette. These trendy wall units obviously…

DIY Fun and Colorful Painted Pumpkins!

DIY painted pumpkins idea for halloween and beyond

Halloween is right around the corner – now that it’s officially October we can say that, right? I say yes! Now the thing with Halloween decor is that it tends to be orange or black or both! It’s a little too obvious, right? Yes! I think it should be able to blend in with your existing decor, and if you happen to decorate with orange…

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