An Easy Tabletop DIY Herb Garden

DIY potted herb garden

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the arrival of spring and you love preparing delicious fresh food, today’s DIY project is for you! Enjoy the benefits of an herb garden that’s easy to maintain by creating a stylish, low-maintenance vignette using terracotta pots and the plant markers of your choice. The simplicity of this project creates a charming finished product that beautifully fits…

9 Sweet Stone Cottages for Hermit Wannabes

English Stone cottage

If you grew up reading—and being read—fairy tales, you might see stone cottages as romantic hideaways, or cozy spots to keep warm, or as warm defenses against cold nights (or maybe a combination of all three). As one of the oldest types of structures, stone cottages are still popular today, especially in places where there’s plenty of extra rock lying around. For instance, in New…

Panamera: Traditional Kitchen Elements Meet Casual Cosmopolitan Style

Panamera kitchen combines traditional elegance with contemporary lifetsyle

Sleek contemporary kitchens that feel like a seamless extension of the living area have undeniably grown in popularity in the last few years. But there is still ample scope for that gorgeous, traditional kitchen that brings along with it modern ergonomics wrapped in timeless beauty. Designed by Marchi, the exclusive Panamera Kitchen is one such composition that charms you with its classic approach to design…

How to Create a Captivating and Cozy Reading Nook

A reading zone that offers tranquility and comfort

Busy modern lives mean a constant race with the clock that is never-ending and a few fleeting moments of tranquility that we so desperately hold on to in those more taxing times. One of the best ways to unwind after a really long day is to flip over a few pages of your favorite book or magazine as you enjoy a beverage or two! For…

6 Cool Ways to Create a Mini-Room Within Another Room

Brooklyn Cabin in a Loft

Remember when raising a family meant moving to the ‘burbs and buying a spacious house with a white picket fence? Well, that idyllic image has changed quite a bit over the years, and nowadays many are choosing to keep their urban lifestyles well after adding more members to their clans. Yes, fitting additional people into a city-sized residence can be challenging, but one economical way…

Cheerful Manhattan Loft Unleashes Vivacious Color and Deft Creativity!

Colorful living room of the stylish New York City Apartment

With a style of its own, a unique backdrop that gives homes an industrial heritage and a history that has been filled with artistic brilliance, Manhattan’s SoHo district has a truly inimitable charm. Located in this neighborhood is the 476 Broadway, which combines a subtle industrial vibe with contemporary beauty and plenty of color to shape a bright and cheerful retreat. Designed by Casamanara to meet…

10 Ways to Make Your Roommate More Organized for a Clutter-Free Environment

Tidy modern living room

Whether you’re living in a dorm, sharing an apartment or renting a house, life with a roommate is a reality for many. And if your roommate is less than organized, day-to-day life can be a challenge! While you can’t change your roommate, perhaps there are a few things you can do to inspire a sense of basic order. Honest communication and leading by example beat…

23 Small Pool Ideas to Turn the Backyard into a Relaxing Retreat

Small pool garden charms iwth its trendy, contemporary style

We have always believed that size is indeed relative, and what might be a lavish, generous home for some might seem like a modest, mundane affair to others. A backyard swimming pool is not too different in this regard, as those who actually do not have one often crave at least a small pool that allows them to cool off on a hot summer day….

Contemporary New York Apartment with Chic Midcentury Vibe

Interior of the New York home combines the contemporary with the Midcentury

While some renovations totally transform the existing aura of a structure and show it in an entirely new light, others tend to take the route of a subtle overhaul. This beautiful New York apartment located in a 1930s tower facing Central Park West seems to have taken the latter path, as it combines traditional, contemporary and Midcentury design influences in a classy and coherent fashion….

Intriguing Italian Home in Black and White with Curated Minimal Panache

Brick wall adds textural beauty to the black and white living room

Many of us opt for a neural color palette in the living room or family area and decorate the bedroom and bathroom in more extravagant shades. Even in a neutral living room, bright accents and lively decor have become all too common in recent times. But this elegant home in Turin, Italy takes a different approach with a serene backdrop that eliminates any excesses and…

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