Embracing Bold Art & Edgy Design: Dazzling Apartment in Kiev

Exquisite Kiev apartment with curved wooden wall and brilliant LED strip lighting

Combing brilliant color, stylish space-saving solutions and a contrasting array of textures, this exquisite apartment in Kiev is definitely one-of-a-kind. The remarkable apartment was conjured up and brought to life by Studio BARABAN +, and it definitely is one of those homes that you either absolutely love or tend to feel is a touch ‘over the top’. Yet what fascinates us is the captivating living…

Turn a Vintage Ironing Board into a Stunningly Useful Table

ironing board table 22

Ironing boards aren’t typically left out in the open of a well-decorated, organized room — especially if it’s not the laundry room. But an old vintage ironing board positioned against a wall or piece of furniture as a table brings a sense of timeless charm when it blends in with the rest of the room’s decor. Perfect for small spaces and hallways, an ironing board…

1950s Mid-Century Modern Home Remodeled into a Smart, Contemporary Delight

Lovely lighting takes over the Californian home after sunset

Transforming a mid-century modem home with some rough edges and a distinct industrial vibe into a relaxing modern single-family residence is a task that can be both fun and daunting at the same time. Getting this balance between the old and the new spot on are the creative folks from Klopf Architecture, who transformed this 1950s home in Redwood City, California into an inviting hub…

Picnic Ideas: Style Tips for a Relaxed Outdoor Meal

Bohemian picnic idea

Ready to celebrate a great outdoor dining tradition? We’re talking about picnics, folks! In fact, the art of planning and executing a delightful picnic has reached new heights, thanks to the creative work of DIY and design bloggers who have brainstormed a variety of ways to eat in the open air without losing a strong sense of style. Whether you’re planning a quick meal in…

8 Clever Ways to Utilize That Awkward Space Under Your Stairs

Custom Under Stair Storage Cabinets Open

Under-stair space has gotten a bad rap thanks to books like Harry Potter, but it doesn’t have to be a scary, dark abyss like the one the young wizard was forced to live in. In fact, the oft under-utilized area can make a world of difference when converted into a useful laundry zone, work space or children’s play room. If you’re looking for some inspiration…

Artsy Drawer Knobs That Are Sure to Stand Out

Paris-themed knobs for those who love vintage

When was the last time you updated the drawer knobs on some of the furniture pieces or cabinetry in your home? Unless you really need to replace the entire piece itself, knobs and handles are often pretty easy to forget about when you get caught up in your design plans. It’s a bit of a shame, because they’re really one of the most interesting components of a room you can use to…

Painting and Design Tips for Dark Room Colors

Smoky blue room with blue trim

Dark room colors take center stage in today’s post, which focuses on ways to enhance the rich tones in your home. When the walls are dark, you can brighten up the space with crisp white trim, or you can do something dramatic to play up the decadence. Let’s explore the 2nd option, shall we?! Below you will find tips for using trim and decor to your…

Affordable and Stylish Second Dwelling: One-Bedroom Home in Brisbane

Twin chairs, cowhide rug and sleek TV stand in the breezy living room

For those who haven’t heard of the term ‘Granny flat’, it is a self-contained home that provides separate living quarters for the elders in the family. Located on the same lot as the main home, these detached structures offer privacy for everyone involved while bringing the entire family together. Do not be fooled by the name though, as this secondary dwelling can be used by…

50 Enchanting Ideas for the Relaxed, Rustic Bathroom

Antler light and large windows provide a balance of natural and artificial lighting

Simplicity wrapped in natural goodness and a hint of unpolished elegance – Rustic style is for those who wish to move away from the mundane urban world that surrounds them. It is a style that brings home raw wooden surfaces, natural stone at its captivating best and pops of metal that offer a touch of glitter and glam. At its core the classic rustic style…

Chill Out in These Hammocks for Any Space

Stylish Triple hammock

Just so you know, hammocking is a verb. It’s what it means to engage in the act of half-dreaming, half-sleeping that only rocking gently in a hammock can induce in the relaxing human. Summer is the best time for hammocking, because even if it’s hard to catch a breeze, a rock in a hammock will bring one to your sweaty brow—but don’t be limited, you…

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