How to Create an Inimitable Bedroom with Mismatched Nightstands

Dark, moody master bedroom with contrasting bedside tables

Every home needs a touch of eclectic charm even if you are not fully committed to the style. It is not about revamping the existing style of your bedroom or living room, but just giving the interior that splash of excitement and a hint of personality that removes a sense of boredom and monotony. With contemporary interiors, the concept of clean straight lines and crisply…

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Eclectic Decor and Vivacious Color Shape Cheerful Home in Madrid

Andy Warhol pop art enlivens the contemporary living room

A neutral backdrop clad in white presents you with a great chance to give color and personality to your home that is both exclusive and exceptional. Taking this approach to design and decorating is the gorgeous Home in Madrid designed by Teresa Sapey. The lovely private residence seamlessly combines decor in contrasting styles and hues while enlivening each room with a healthy infusion of color…

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How to Make DIY Rope-Wrapped Vases with Nautical Flair

Rope Wrapped Vases DIY Nautical

I recently went hunting for some nautical vases for my upcoming wedding, and found a rope-wrapped design that fit the bill perfectly–that is, until I saw the pricetag. Eager to see if I could replicate the costly containers, I set to work wrapping some recycled food cans with inexpensive jute rope, and the result was everything I wanted for just a fraction of the cost…

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Create Drama with Black Carpets and Rugs

Carbon grey rug from CB2

When shopping for carpet and rugs, black may not be the first color that comes to mind, but it sure does make a powerful statement! In fact, when you see today’s carpet and rug roundup, you just might put this bold hue front and center at home. And you can’t get more “grounded” than topping off your floor with a black rug, or a black…

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The Beauty of White Ice Granite

White ice granite formica laminate

With its snowy shine and dark veining, White Ice granite is a refreshing choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops alike. But just what design styles best complement this sought-after stone? As it turns out, White Ice is extremely versatile, yet it truly shines in interiors that mirror its chic appearance. Quarried in Brazil, White Ice is available in limited quantities, which makes it very desirable….

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Revitalized Cottage in Stone and Wood Captures the Aura of Scottish Highlands

Torispardon Cottage nestled in Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley

Transforming an old and discarded cottage into a lovely modern home is a task that requires both imagination and an understanding of the local architecture and heritage. The fabulous Torispardon is a modern private home clad in granite and whinstone that was recovered by completely dismantling the existing structure. Crafted with care by architect Stuart Archer for his mom, it combines two stone structures that…

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20 Contemporary Bathroom Vanities to Get Naked With

Collage Vanity Unit for Ex.t

The bathroom vanity is that space at which we typically preen and primp, with the products and accessories essential to effecting our glorious transformations close to hand. The vanity will normally consist of a mirror, sink and storage, these basic components assuming varied designs, shapes and arrangements. While many of today’s vanity designs are often similar (ergo somewhat dull), there are certainly contemporary bathroom vanities that will add much…

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Creative Outdoor Accessories to Hang from Your Balcony Railing

Colorful planters that sit on your balcony railing

If you live in an apartment and are blessed enough to have a balcony that comes with it too, you’ve probably given at least some thought to how you can go about making what little outdoor space you have as functional and as appealing to the eye as you can. That can be really hard when you have lots of ideas that involve bringing big, bulky furniture pieces…

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How to Make Adorable and Inexpensive Pig-Shaped Coasters Out of Cork

Pig Shaped Cork Coasters DIY Project

Quirky coasters are a fun way to add some whimsy to your home decor but cute ones tend to average around $15-$30 bucks a pop. Here’s an easy (and we’re talking beginner level) DIY tutorial showing you how to make your own oink-worthy piggy coasters out of cork, an affordable, green and rapidly renewable material. The whole project cost me about $2! And if there’s…

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20 Small Home Bar Ideas and Space-Savvy Designs

Beautiful bar on the rustic porch is all geared up for fun fall parties

This might be the time of the year when party life has slowed down a bit, and post July 4th, the celebrations have taken a backseat to more serious work. But soon, fall festivities, the Holiday Season and New Year will see the good times come swinging back, and now is the best time to add that small home bar you already dreamed about. If…

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