25 Sparkling Ways of Adding a Chandelier to Your Dream Bathroom

Mediterranean style bathroom with ocean view [Design: Ancient Surfaces]

The last decade has seen a revitalization of sorts in bathroom design, as homeowners are now placing more and more importance on a serene and stylish bathroom that goes beyond the bare minimum. Changed lifestyles and a necessity to create a relaxing, spa-style hub right at home are probably the biggest reasons for the distinct shift. Bathrooms today are far more grand, luxurious and innovative….

Dramatic Sao Paulo Residence Overlooking the Ocean and Atlantic Forest

Grand private deck and lavish pavillion of the Brazilian home with pool

There are plenty of things that Brazil is famous for across the world. There is football, amazing beaches with a lifestyle that leaves you intoxicated and of course, the rhythm of the samba! But only a true design aficionado would know that it also is home to arguably some of the best luxury homes and grand villas that are nestled in the lap of nature!…

Simple Luxuries: 10 Killer Outdoor Showers

Woodsy Shower

I’m going to say it: If you have never used an outdoor shower, you have missed out on one of life’s simplest pleasures. Whether it’s sticky-hot out and you cool off in a chilly shower with a flower-scented breeze wafting your way, or it’s mid-winter and you take a steamy rinse as the stars shine above you, either way, you are winning at life. “Any…

Eclectic Home in Venice Invites You into a World of Intriguing Art

Decor in neutral hues lets the art additions shine through

Few cities in the world match the romantic beauty and timeless elegance of Venice and its renowned waterways. Located on the famous Grand Canal is the unique and charming La Casa del Tempo designed by Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design, and the residence combines Venetian charm with a touch of eclectic brilliance. Filled with colorful contemporary artwork and an amazing collection of exciting accessories, the beautiful home welcomes…

10 Artistic Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen of Athena Calderone

Are you searching for unique kitchen renovation ideas? Today’s featured culinary spaces are as artistic as they are functional. At times the artistry is from the materials themselves, while at other times, the creativity comes from the process. Because sometimes you have to get creative in order to redo a kitchen on a budget! From colorful spaces to little flourishes, the kitchen renovations below are…

30 Ingenious Wooden Headboard Ideas for a Trendy Bedroom

Gorgeous headboard in wood seems also perfect for contemporary bedrooms

In a modern world that is dominated by shiny polished surfaces, concrete, stone and glass, the sight of decor or accessories that bring the magic of wood is always welcome! Wood is one element that can lend a touch of natural charm to an otherwise artificial space that seems sterile and unwelcome. Homeowners and designers have realized quickly that even the most contemporary of spaces…

Opulence and Exclusivity Shape Astonishing Emirates Hills Villa in Dubai

Exclusive dining area with brilliant wall art and custom lighting fixtures

Luxury and Dubai are words that go hand-in-hand, and it is one place on earth where you will not struggle to find stunning, contemporary homes that will simply blow you away. And topping the charts is the prestigious Emirates Hills community that is home to some of the most lavish homes and private residences in all of the Middle East. Located in the sophisticated urban…

Small Attic Apartment in Vilnius Dazzles with Space-Saving Design

Small modern attic apartment in Vilnius

In the last few weeks we have seen small apartments that range from those that are as tiny as just 20 square meters in size to an urbane hub in Paris that occupies no more than mere 30sqm. Considering these petite wonders that we have already showcased, this 64sqm attic apartment located in the capital city of Lithuania must seem like a palatial retreat! Vilnius is…

5 Favorite IKEA Finds

IKEA desks in a home office

A funny thing happened today! While on hold with IKEA during a phone call in which I planned on asking if I could take photos in the store for this very blog post, I had plenty of time to take a good look around my house. In the process, I realized that it’s basically a showroom for IKEA furnishings. In my opinion, nobody offers modern…

Snazzy Contemporary Extension Transforms Beautiful Brussels Home

Smart extension keeps things simple and contemporary

It is not every day that you come across a modern extension that brings along with it a hint of playfulness, visual lightness and a touch of industrial charm, all bundled into one lovely unit. But this smart family home in Brussels, Belgium offers precisely that as it goes both easy on your eyes and on the purse strings of the homeowners! Intentionally designed by…

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