Breathtaking Ocean Views And A Distinct Facade Shape The Lamble Residence

Lamble Residence in New South Wales with gorgeous Ocean views

Modern beach houses have come a long way from being simple shacks that allow you to enjoy the sun and the sand. Nestled on the south coast of New South Wales and overlooking the famous Gerringong beach, this stunning house Down Under is all about becoming one with the landscape outside. Designed with a sense of visual flair by Smart Design Studio, the Lamble Residence…

Dream Houses / April 10, 2014

Luxurious Beverly Hills Mansion Acquires A Sparkling New Interior

Luxurious Beverly Hills Mansion Interior

Even the grandest of homes often need a bit of a makeover after a decade or two. Designed originally by Amir Farr in 1973, this gorgeous Beverly Hills Mansion oozes the opulence and extravagance that the city of LA is renowned for. But with changing times and altering design trends, it was time to give its spacious interior a whole new sheen. This task fell…

Dream Houses / April 10, 2014

Unique Coffee Tables That Look Chic And Add Function To Your Space

Iron and wood coffee table with a grid motif

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked coffee tables! This handy furnishing holds everything from books to plates of food. Since it typically rests at the center of your living room, the coffee table is a true focal point. Today we take a look at coffee tables that are chic, unique and practical. In fact, all of the tables below boast a special feature, such as…

Furniture / April 10, 2014

Sideboard Designs Served with Modern Flair

Stylish Modern Sideboard Design Ideas

Sideboards aren’t just supposed to save space or store the things for which we have no space. They’re supposed to make the space, to finish off an otherwise unfinished look. And with the evolution of an old necessity into a newly charged piece of furniture, now, more than ever, we can make the space complete with sideboards served with modern flair from Alf. Just as you’re…

Furniture / April 9, 2014

Snazz Up Your Living Room With Smart Chevron Patterns

Chevron Pattern Ideas For Living Room

The word around design circles is that chevron patterns have come back with a bang in the last few years. While it is true that the start of the decade saw an explosion of zigzag patterns, chevron patterns have been popular since the ’60s. To term the latest chevron craze a comeback could be a bit overreaching, as these bold V-shaped delights were never completely out…

Design Ideas / April 9, 2014

Small Tel Aviv Apartment Gets A Gorgeous Makeover And A Versatile Interior

Kitchen of the Renovated Tel Aviv Apartment

Renovation and extension projects are not just about serving the immediate needs of homeowners. A long-term approach often trumps short-term benefits, and this lovely little Israeli apartment is a perfect case in point. Originally designed in the late ’50s, this 69-square-meter apartment on Solomon Street in Tel Aviv has recently been renovated to suit the needs of a brother and sister who currently use it….

Apartments / April 9, 2014

10 Affordable Outdoor DIY Projects

DIY wire and wood table

Can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors lately? I sure have enjoyed giving my yard a makeover this spring. Kate here, and if you read my last post on modern xeriscaping ideas, you know how  a dose of gravel and a few new plants can add another dimension to your outdoor space! But why stop there? Once you get going, you just…

DIY Projects / April 9, 2014

Suburban Sydney House Offers A Tranquil Lifestyle That is Close To Nature

Living room of Sydney House with a exclusive TV Room

The modern urban trend is to make use of every inch of available space, and most homeowners do believe that bigger is indeed better. But the last few days have shown us that all the glitz and glamour cannot match a serene retreat that allows you to once again get in touch with nature’s unadulterated goodness. If the Naked House in Ko Samui is all…

Dream Houses / April 9, 2014

Enthralling Glass Staircases That Add Sculptural Style To Your Home

Minimalist Floating Glass Stairway

Glass as an architectural element has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. One of the obvious reasons is the evolution of the manufacturing process, which has resulted in a wider variety of finishes and choices. Not to mention, the use of glass as a defining element in many iconic structures has truly elevated this material to the next level. And leading this…

Design Ideas / April 8, 2014

Stunning Residence In Ko Samui Combines Serenity With Dramatic Views

View of the tranquil susnet above the sea at the Naked House in Thailand

Southeast Asia often produces some of the most extravagant homes on the planet–homes that combine captivating views with serene ambiance in an organic fashion. Not only is it home to some of the world’s top dream destinations (ranging from the spectacular villas of Bali to the stunning beaches of Thailand), the country also offers the perfect backdrop to enjoy life at a relaxed pace. The…

Dream Houses / April 8, 2014

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