Home in Singapore: Space-Savvy Interior Laced with Industrial Elements

Raw concrete wall and lighting in the living area give the Singapore home an industrial overtone

A very large part of design inspiration that we showcase is often dedicated to interiors that can ‘create a greater sense of space’. With urban homes becoming more and more congested and space a premium commodity, smart utilization of the available square footage is what separates top-notch design from its average counterparts. Designed for a young couple and their modern lifestyle, this fabulous home in…

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Franklin St. House: Classic Tribeca Loft Infused with Contemporary NYC Flair

Double height dining space inside the breezy NYC home

Practical, stylish and a trendsetter in its own right – the Tribeca loft is a template that has been copied and repeated almost religiously across the world. It is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality that is largely defined by a rich industrial past and the creative genius of artists, designers and architects. Showcasing all of this in a refined, contemporary fashion is the Franklin…

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Top Color Trends for the Winter Holidays

Holiday dessert buffet in a photo from CB2

2015 has been the year of unexpected color combinations. Fall hit, and gone were the traditional burgundy, olive, rust and mustard tones! What replaced them was an interesting assortment of hues that included seasonal staples mixed with heavy doses of shades such as pink and dark lavender. Pink for fall? You betcha! As the winter holidays approach, there’s no need to forecast the top color trends….

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50 Delightful and Cozy Bedrooms with Brick Walls

Sophisticated way to use exposed brick in your bedroom

The 90s were a time when home design and decorating moved towards a more sanitized look, with bright colors of the 70s and 80s being replaced by more understated hues such as beige and white, and simple, straight lines taking over from eclectic designs. But as always, old trends find a way of making a comeback, and the last decade has seen the ‘style of…

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Blending In: Contemporary Mountain Home with Majestic Views

Structure of the home opes up towards the backyard and patio

A home that sits on top of a mountain does bring along with it plenty of advantages, and a few design challenges as well. For starters, the pros include a great view of the landscape all around and even the distant horizon, along with oodles of privacy that no urban residence can offer. Then there is that incredible connectivity with nature, which leaves you mesmerized…

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Easy Thanksgiving Food and Decor Ideas for a Stress-Free Holiday

Pine cone table runner from A Subtle Revelery

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! Whether you’re hosting the meal at your home or you’re contributing a dish to a potluck feast, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re sharing 20 simple Thanksgiving food and decor ideas that will make a big impact without adding stress to your life. Gathering holiday ideas is a fun way to be proactive while celebrating the festivity of…

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7 Festive Decorations to Hang in Your Windows for the Holidays

Colorful glittery ornaments hung with ribbon from garland above window

Everyone knows that Christmas lights and a tree are your pretty standard holiday decorations, but nowadays, people have come up with all sorts of creative ways to make their homes really stand out around this time of year. Best of all, you don’t need a huge decorating budget or extra space to put everything on display. One of the easiest and most impressive ways you…

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Series of Internal Steps Maximizes Space Inside Suburban Aussie Home

Pool deck and a relaxing outdoor lounge for the space-savvy suburban home

One of the hardest parts of home design is to unearth space when none exists. This often means turning to space-saving cabinets and décor that takes up little square footage, as well as utilizing clever tricks that give the impression of an airy, open interior. But the beautiful Bowler private residence in Paddington, Australia takes a different approach to space maximization, as it arranges spaces…

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Adaptive Reuse of Victorian Warehouse in London Delivers Unique Interiors

Exposed brick walls in the kitchen reflect the past of revamped home

Celebrating old structures and discarded buildings by turning them into elegant modern homes not only pays a tribute to the past, but also offers a future that is sustainable and affordable. The growing desire among homeowners to go green coupled with impressive overhauls pulled off by architects and designers across the planet seem to be the forces driving the popularity of adaptive reuse. Today we…

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Salvaged Style: 10 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom with Reclaimed Wood

Stunning industrial lighting and reclaimed wood flooring in the Asian bathroom

The beauty of reclaimed wood is finding new purpose in contemporary households across the globe, with designers keen to add textural beauty and contrast to polished modern interiors. Reclaimed timber varies a great deal both in terms of quality and longevity, with some working well even in the harshest of conditions while others fade away quickly. Yet it is a sense of uniqueness, weathered charisma…

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