22 Ideas for a Well-Furnished Office

OW150 daybed designed by Ole Wanscher for a quick nap

Do you find yourself regularly tethered to a desk, stuck in a chair, working 9 to 5, 24/7 and everything in-between? Office life, whether at home, in a ‘bonafide’ office, a cafe or co-working space, is often dull, dreary and devoid of character. In many instances, design is rarely given due consideration and the office environment is an insipid one that saps energy and creativity. If you are indeed spending…

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Fun and Fresh Patio Furniture Ideas

Bright yellow sofa from Crate & Barrel

The days are starting to get shorter, so fall must be on its way. But there’s still plenty of warm weather to enjoy! And when the temperature cools, that’s even more of a reason to enjoy the refreshing breeze from the comfort of your patio. In other words, it’s outdoor dining and lounging season, folks! Today we round up a collection of patio furniture finds…

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8 Fun and Easy Ways to Use Polka Dot Wall Decals

Polka dot decals with tree design

There’s something about wallpaper that’s just so… permanent. Am I right? If you’re like me, and you like the look of certain wallpaper designs but don’t want to go through the hassle of putting them up (and then possibly regretting it later), wall decals might be a good alternative option to consider. You can get them in all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs, and…

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Eberl Residence: Organic Fusion of Rustic Beauty and Modern Luxury

Gorgeous Eberl Residence in Colorado combines tradition with modernity

Few things help you relax and rejuvenate like a tranquil day or two in the lap of nature as you leave behind the constant rush of urban life. The exquisite Eberl Residence by Barrett Studio Architects located in the picturesque and woodsy landscape of Evergreen, Colorado seems to provide the perfect backdrop that nature lovers dream about. Draped in natural stone and wood, the exterior…

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VF House: Enigmatic Rio Residence Shaped by Eclectic Decor and Bold Choices

Black kitchen area demarcates space without using walls

We often talk about how interior design and decorating are all about showcasing your own personality and style while incorporating the season’s hot trends. It is a balance between the timeless and the fleeting with a good dash of ingenuity! Capturing this design ideology to perfection is the exquisite VF House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Presenting its own unique take on contemporary style, the…

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Create a Chic Statement with a White Brick Wall

Floor lamp from Urban Outfitters

Whitewashed bricks, painted bricks, faux bricks, white installed bricks, white brick wallpaper…the possibilities for reveling in white brick wall fabulousness are endless! Today we celebrate all of them by showing you the many different looks that a chic white brick wall can evoke. From the Boho to the Scandinavian, the style options are vast, as are the effects. After all, a room with a white…

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50 IKEA Bedrooms That Look Nothing but Charming

Create your own dream bedroom in an affordable way with IKEA finds

How many times have you run over to IKEA to find a quick fix for your decorating dilemma only to be taken in by the sleek Scandinavian design? For many, it is the one-stop-shop for all their decor needs, while others tend to couple those affordable IKEA pieces with other statement additions and a few timeless furnishings to create a balanced and beautiful home. No…

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15 Recliners on Which to Repose in Style

The Flag Halyard Chair black

To recline is to lean or lie back in a position that is restful and relaxed. The recliner is either a seat whose back the sitter can physically adjust or one whose shape is fixed, designed to aid repose in a manner determined by the designer. Typically a solo seat, when reclining one should ideally choose to do so in style. The following 15 recliners are thus altogether appropriate for stylish repose….

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Industrial Chic: Apartment in Odessa Embraces Cozy, Space-Savvy Design

Bedroom with bookshelf and Tom Dixon pendants

Giving your apartment with limited space a quick overhaul requires both smart planning and flawless execution that minimizes wastage of time and resources. Epitomizing this approach is the beautiful Oh!dessa apartment that was designed by 2Bgroup to meet the needs of an urban denizen and her fast-paced social life. Located in Odessa, Ukraine, the apartment has an undeniable industrial chic charm with its exposed brick…

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18 Creative Ways to Decorate with Antlers

Creative antler light fixture

How do you feel about using a pair of antlers to spice up your decor? Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily need to have a wild west theme or a “cabin in the woods” look going on in your home to use them. And no, they don’t have to be attached to a dead animal’s head! It turns out that antlers are extremely versatile, and…

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