Beautiful Bidets for Bathrooms of All Sizes and Styles

Yes, bidets can be beautiful—I’m here to prove it to you. What I can’t do is convince you why you’d want to put one in your bathroom. You either think bidets are a useful way to keep clean, or you’re an American. (I kid! But it has always struck me that in a country as hygiene-obsessed as the US, the bidet has been strangely ignored.)…

6 Inspiring Room Makeover Projects

Living room designed by Emily Henderson

As a design blogger, one of my favorite ways to gather inspiration is to admire the room makeover projects of other design bloggers! Whether you’re a design enthusiast yourself or you’re simply looking for makeover and styling ideas, today’s post is for you. Below you will find photos from 6 different room makeovers, and within each makeover, I’ll focus on one special feature of the…

8 Unique Ways to Incorporate Chalkboard Surfaces into Your Home

Chalkboard Table Setting

Perhaps it speaks to the increasingly ephemeral nature of how we communicate these days or maybe it’s just because it looks cool, but the chalkboard trend is still going strong. You’ve probably seen chalkboards everywhere, from restaurants to stores to people’s homes, but we especially love that there are other ways to incorporate the popular finish besides just popping a blackboard on your wall. Read…

Cheerful Modern Renovation Transforms 50’s Israeli Residence

Renovated kitchen and dining area with a view of the garden

We love renovation projects that preserve the old while giving outdated structures a sparkling new lease on life. Originally built in 1951, this beautiful home in Moshav, Central Israel was in need of an urgent revamp to meet the growing needs of a modern family. Planned and executed with perfection by interior designer Rotem Guy, the makeover gives the interior a fresh and airy ambiance…

Hot Design Trends Shaping Home Offices in 2015

Fabulous home office is both futuristic and sculptural

A modern lifestyle and our changing needs have seen not only a shift in overall floor plans of homes, but also a steady increase in demand for spaces such as the home office. The exclusive, traditional dining room is quickly fading away and many homeowners are opting for the home office instead. Some turn towards the basement to make additional room for a workspace at…

Modern Garden House in Toronto Makes Smart Use of Limited Space

Low maintenance Cedar drapes the exterior of the house

When it comes to stylish urban residences, space is often the biggest constraint, and many of us often believe that a larger, more lavish home is the only answer. But the premium that you need to pay for every square foot of additional urban landscape means we have to make do with the available room. Doing precisely that with practicality and elegant aesthetics is the…

Upcycle Everyday Kitchen Items to Create Modern Planters

Upcycled glass jar planter from Circusberry

What do you get when you cross recycling with innovative, budget-friendly design? Upcyling! You can upcycle anything these days, from plastic water bottles to old tires. In today’s post, we’re focusing on everyday items from the kitchen. By repurposing them into modern planters, not only do you breathe new life into used items, you can save money while making a unique statement. Ready for the…

Modern Embroidery Project Ideas, Hoops and All!

Embroidered photo from A Beautiful Mess

Got thread?! We’re guessing that if you don’t, you will soon, because today’s featured embroidery projects are sure to inspire your own DIY creation. But these aren’t your grandmother’s embroidery designs! In fact, they have a bit of a modern, unconventional twist, which is exactly why we love them. And if you don’t feel like picking up a needle and thread, don’t fret. The second half…

Spring-Planted Bulbs: Plant These Beauties Now, Enjoy This Summer!

Iris border

Here’s the deal with bulbs—if you want blooms in the spring, you need to plant them in the fall. Which can be…discouraging. Especially when it’s February and you want to—nay NEED—to see some flowers in your garden when warm weather finally arrives. Well, there is a (sort-of ) shortcut to faster flowers that will last longer than the typical annuals and will allow you to…

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