How To Keep A Clean Washing Machine

Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

This year I bought a front-loading washing machine, and I work hard to keep it mold-free. I even wipe the rubber gasket dry after each wash! Even so, there’s a musty smell that appears from time to time, and while I love the front-loading concept, I’m pretty surprised that in this day and age, washing machines so easily harbor mold and mildew. Product designers out…

Smart Eco-Sustainable Prefab House Charms With Versatile Green Goodness

Eco Sustainable House Paris

Sustainable design and green home architecture are much more than a mere compilation of the latest smart home technology that saves up on energy. Design, planning and the overall silhouette of the house also play a pivotal role in shaping the power and resource consumption of the structure. The gorgeous Eco-Sustainable House project by Djuric Tardio Architectes is one such smart residence that combines a…

Metallic Magic Meets Wooden Warmth In An Ingenious Modern Decor Fusion!

Hilla Shamia aluminum and tree trunk stools

Nature-centric decor and design is currently all the rave, and while we have seen some fascinating projects and furnishings, few match the dramatic splendor of the latest lineup of tables and stools from Hilla Shamia. The ingenious product designer from Israel has come up with a new lineup of decor that creatively fuses old tree trunks with brilliant aluminum casts to shape some truly captivating…

Easy Centerpiece Ideas Featuring Affordable Plants

Centerpiece Ideas with Plants

Today’s post is dedicated to the art of the centerpiece! Kate here, and I love a good focal point. Many of my furnishings feature centerpieces of one type or another, and there’s nothing I love more than fresh greenery and indoor plants. You may think that beautiful centerpieces are hard to find, but below I’ll show you how to create easy, affordable arrangements using basic…

Exclusive Contemporary London Home Blends Urbane Style With Playful Charm

Beautiful modern contemporary home

Giving contemporary architecture and interior design trends a colorful and attractive twist is the stylish Millbrae Residence in north-western London. The stunning, private home is surrounded by a beautiful garden and opens up into a ravishing backyard that is complete with a large pool and a cool outdoor lounge. Step inside, and one sees the addition of quirky patterns, colorful shelves and dynamic wallpaper, which…

DIY Driftwood Candleholder Brings Home Rustic Summer Charm!

DIY Driftwood Candleholder Project

Summer is quickly fading away and I am doing everything I can to hold on to it for as long as possible! One of my favorite things about summer is being close to the water. I love listening to it, feeling it, and discovering all kinds of cool treasures around it. Driftwood happens to be a favorite of mine, because each piece of wood is…

Bright and Cheerful Private Residence In Singapore With Nature-Inspired Design

Stylish Contemporary Singapore Home

When architects and designers take their cues from nature, the resultant house is often both unique and inviting in its ambiance. Combining natural goodness with contemporary brilliance in a stunning fashion is the 65BTP-House in Singapore by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, which exudes an airy and brilliant appeal. The stylish private residence was built around an extensive garden where a giant pre-war rain tree remains untouched…

Vacation Home By The Lake Or When Dreams Come True

Modern living room space with fireplace

Sometimes I dare to dream, or maybe it’s my way of motivating myself. But I really hope that one day I will be able to retreat to a summer house somewhere in the woods. Give me a lake, and it’s the perfect picture. A case in point: the Gambier Island House by Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers, near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The house is a stunning example of modern architecture…

10 Rooms With Elegant Indoor Plants

San Francisco living room with towering trees

Ready for another escape? I don’t know about you, but when Monday rolls around, I find that I have the energy I need to start the work week if I’m surrounded by images that inspire me. That’s the spirit behind my “10 Rooms” series here on Decoist. Each week, I’ll share a collection of interiors that transport you to another place (and hopefully inspire you…

DIY: Turn Old Book Pages Into Artwork

Book-Page Art Using A Sharpie

Meaningful artwork is important, especially when you end up looking at it all of the time in places like your own home. I recently discovered that my office walls were looking a little bland and needed some life, and I thought artwork using books within the artwork would make them that much more appropriate, since I happen to have endless shelves filled with books! I…

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