Keep the Holiday Glow Alive with These Winter Decor Ideas

Sheepskin throw from CB2

It happened. New Year’s Day arrived and I took down my holiday decorations. There’s no rule that says the tree and garlands have to be removed once January 1st rolls around, but it’s a tradition I have–part of moving forward and making a fresh start in the new year. With that said, it’s always hard to say goodbye to the festivity and light that holiday…

11 Dazzling Home Stages That Steal the Spotlight

Elevate the appeal of the music room with a cool stage

Who doesn’t love putting on a show and being the ‘star’ of every party that they walk into? But you do not get to become a showstopper overnight. It takes practice, persistence and of course, plenty of luck and talent. And while we might not be able to help you with the luck and talent parts of the equation, we can sure suggest a way…

Urbane Outdoor Decor Collections Inspired by Scandinavian Minimalism

Vintage outdoor chair designed by Bram Bollen

We might have just stepped into the New Year and many might still be recovering from the post holiday blues, but Tribu has already unveiled two hot new outdoor furniture collections that pave the way for a fun, comfy 2015. Dubbed Illum and Vintage, the 2015 additions to both of these fashionable lineups seem to draw their inspiration from the beauty of Midcentury design and timeless…

Charming Modern Addition Revitalizes Elegant Edwardian Home

Contemporary extension to classic Aussie home

The concept of extending a traditional home without actually altering its street façade is quickly transforming old residences into stylish modern hubs. Located in the serene suburb of Middle Park, Melbourne, Australia, the Hambleton Street house is one such gorgeous project that has seen a contemporary two-level structure being added to the existing Edwardian cottage. The striking two-story modern addition sits at the rear of…

DIY Winter Decor Using Painted Pinecones

painted pine cones in cloche

Now that Christmas is officially over, things like ornaments, trees and stockings are making their way back into storage boxes, and our living rooms might start to feel a little empty! I don’t know about you, but I like the warm and cozy feeling having that extra stuff around gives, especially in the cold of winter! So, to help you out, I’m giving you a…

Setting Design and Decorating Goals for the New Year

Radiant color in a modern living room

When each new year arrives, I find myself setting design and decorating goals for the months ahead. Does January 1st inspire you to make a fresh start in your home? If you’re like me, you may find that your taste far exceeds your budget. If only unlimited funds were available! But great design and affordable style often overlap, so instead of abandoning any hope of…

17th Century British Cottage Gets a Glassy Modern Extension

Contemporary extension of the cottage houses the dining room and kitchen

It has been a year of amazing design inspiration, and ingenious renovations have led the way with their unique blend of the old and the new. Adaptive reuse has been one of the top themes of the architectural world in 2014, and it is set to continue for years to come as homeowners and architects turn towards more sustainable and cost-effective design practices. So what…

23 Stylish Bedrooms That Bring Home the Beauty of Skylights!

Pops of coral bring breezy charm to the beautiful bedroom [Design: Amory Brown]

With winter taking over the landscape in most parts of the world, we are left searching for new ways that we can usher in some natural warmth while keeping the bedroom cozy and well insulated. While most often we find skylights being used in expansive living rooms and small attics, they can be an equally invaluable and aesthetic addition to the bedroom as well. The…

Code: Posh Kitchen Blends Trendy Aesthetics with Practicality

Dynamic accessories make cooking a delight inside Code kitchen

As we head into 2015, one kitchen design trend that is quickly turning into a must have is the presence of adaptable, modular wall units that bring in compositional freedom. Most contemporary living spaces and kitchens seem to be embracing these snazzy units that allow homeowners to create shelves and cabinets that fit the specific floor plan of their house. The fabulous new Code from…

Make a Tassel Garland out of Leftover Christmas Paper!

close up of garland on fireplace mantle

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind us, we can focus on a whole other kind of decor that doesn’t involve any red and green at all! I’m talking about New Year’s Eve, of course! Do you decorate for NYE? Are you hosting a party, or perhaps staying in with family but want to have a little fun with it? Well then,…

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