Hot Trend: 20 Tasteful Ways to Add Stripes to Your Kitchen

Creative and colorful striped accent wall for a crisp modern kitchen

Stripes – they are not as simple and straightforward as they seem and surely bring a whole lot of excitement to any room they adorn. Whether you love those thick horizontal stripes that almost seem like creative artwork or the classic vertical stripes that bring a sense of drama and luxury when used right, there is no doubt that stripes are once again back in…

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15 Elegant Ways to Decorate with Lace

Lace sheet used to hang jewelry

When you think of lace, you might also think of wedding dresses, sheer window treatments, or your grandmother’s doilies. I know I do. But I never could have imagined how versatile lace really can be if you just use a little imagination. For a truly elegant decorative look that’s not overly feminine or frilly, check out some of these incredibly creative ideas for using lace all around your…

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Scorpios: Greek Paradise Reveals a Cycladic-Infused Gateway to the Aegean Sea

Overlooking the Aegean Sea from lovely Scorpios in Mykonos

There are stunning resorts and idyllic escapes across the planet that promise a holiday of a lifetime. And then there are those that take the experience to an entirely new level by combining soothing relaxation with a hip nightlife and bringing together the very best of both worlds. Located on the glamorous Greek island of Mykonos, Scorpios is one such magical retreat that transports you…

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Shower Power: Unforgettable Designs to Wash Away Your Cares

Outdoor shower with palm fronds and striped towels

There’s nothing like washing the worries of the day away in the shower. The only thing better? Washing the worries of the day away in a designer shower! Today’s featured showers are so luxurious, they’ll inspire you to go all out in your next bathroom remodel. And if you’re on a budget, they just might inspire a little design refresh in your own powder room….

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Breathtaking Bachelor Pad: High-End Luxury Envelops Loft Apartment in Kiev

Brilliant Kiev loft living space with brick and glass walls and a wooden ceiling

The design of a lavish bachelor pad presents design challenges that are distinctly different from those encountered in an opulent family home. Perched atop a brand new skyscraper that is nestled in the heart of Kiev, this sensational loft apartment spread across 155 square meters is truly world class in every sense of the word. Designed by the creative duo of Igor Martin and Olga…

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Scandinavian Beauty: Exquisite Summer House Epitomizes Minimal Danish Design

Large glass windows and stunning gabled roof design define the summer home

A gorgeous home that combines trendy contemporary design influences with timeless Scandinavian elegance and an unassuming charm, the Trend Summer House in Denmark leaves you enchanted. The lovely private residence was designed by Skanlux, and its unique exterior and soothing interior combine to showcase a modern Danish delight! The dark exterior of the home stands in vivid contrast to the divine natural landscape that surrounds…

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50 Eclectic Living Rooms for a Delightfully Creative Home

Beautiful rug for the bright and brilliant living room

The misconception among many homeowners is that by not committing to any particular style and by randomly putting together your favorite pieces of decor one can create an eclectic living space. This could not be more far off from the truth, as eclectic style demands as much, if not a lot more, discipline than any other decorating style around. Sure, it throws convention out the…

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20 Simple and Sculptural Wooden Pendant Lights

Slope by Skrivo Design for Miniforms in wood and metal

Good lighting is indispensable to any interior and yet it is frequently underrated, even dismissed. The human need for comfort, warmth, sanctuary and security will not be addressed by the ineffective nature of poorly chosen lighting. When hanging a pendant light in a room, it is important to consider its purpose – for example to light the entire space or simply create a warm ambience. A pendant’s character and design, its materials and…

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From Discarded Factory to Modern Home: 40sqm of Cheerful Delight in Moscow

Old factory holds a small modern loft apartment in Mocow

When the authorities in the city of Moscow wanted to provide additional housing options for an expanding urban population, they turned to the old ‘Danilovskaya Manufactory’, which once sheltered a bustling industrial hub. The many buildings in the region also offered the perfect chance for designers to showcase their creativity while offering homeowners a chance to own a piece of history and heritage in the…

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15 Unique Kitchen Ideas for Storing Cookbooks

Small shelves built into kitchen island for books and accessories

You may already have plenty of storage space for dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, and most of your baking supplies and perishable food items, but what’s a kitchen without a few good cookbooks? Books are one of those things that just don’t exactly seem like they belong in regular kitchen cupboards or drawers. And if you have more than a few, that can quickly become a…

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