50 Modern Scandinavian Kitchens That Leave You Spellbound

A splash of mint green for the cool kitchen

The beauty of Scandinavian design is such that you might already be enjoying its many benefits without actually realizing that you are adopting this timeless style. Born out of rough Nordic winters that demand simplicity, efficiency and a sense of cheerful elegance, it has been combined with other local eccentricities across the globe to create a fabulous array of new decorating styles! Yet, at its…

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8 Stained Glass Accessories for Adding Some Shimmer to Any Room

stained glass plant suncatcher 5

When you think of stained glass, the first thing that might come to mind are those huge and stunning windows you often see in churches, cathedrals, museums, and other places that usually have them built right into the room or architecture. What’s great about this timeless form or art is that there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your own home, without the…

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13 Inspiring Ideas to Build Your Own Dog House

Contemporary Doghouse is an absolute showstopper!

Dog houses are very simple structures (or at least, they can be). If you want to build one yourself, it’s definitely doable. Solid planning is the key. First, you will want to determine the size of the dog house you’ll need—which will completely depend on the size of your dog. Pooch should have enough room to enter the structure and be wholly enclosed (so the…

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Leach St House: Delivering Cheerful Elegance with Urbane Sophistication

Trendy living room in neutral hues with pops of yellow

Bright, beautiful and captivating, the posh Leach St House in Perth showcases a beautiful balance between contemporary charisma and flowing functionality. Designed by Signature Custom Homes, the street façade of the family home offers complete privacy while diligently employing glass windows to shape the top level containing the bedrooms. It is the lower level that contains the living zone, which is complete with a formal…

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Modern Hydroponic Systems for the Home and Garden

Living walls filled with perennials

Chances are, you’ve probably grown a plant in soil, either in the ground or in a container! But have you ever considered growing plants in a solution of nutrients instead? There are advantages to hydroponics, such as fewer pests and weeds, faster plant growth and more control over the gardening process. Not to mention, hydroponic growing saves water and space. If these reasons won’t pique your…

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14 Dreamy Italian Kitchens Laced with Refined Traditional Charm

Green ash wood adds color and class to the exqusite Madeleine kitchen range

In a world dominated by sleek, glossy artificial surfaces, a kitchen that is draped in wood is indeed a welcome sight. It also offers an inviting refuge for the entire family and quickly transforms into the heart and soul of the modern home. Coming from the house of Scavolini are two such refined yet classic kitchens that will bring a hint of old world charm…

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Chic Seasonal Beach House in Peru Maximizes Outdoor Living Space

Brilliant lighting takes over at the S House after sunset

Unconventional in its design and elegant use of concrete, the fabulous S House in Asia District, Peru has a lovely indoor-outdoor interplay that blurs the line between the two. Designed by Romo Arquitectos and spread across 1916 square feet, the lovely beach house was designed for a modern family that loves to host friends and family each weekend. The entrance to the home captures your…

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Geo Wall Shelf Designs

Geo Wall Shelves from Urban Outfitters

With geo design a well developed trend, it was only a matter of time before triangles, circles and hexagons hit the walls. Geo shelving is the perfect modern touch for interiors that range from the sleek and the minimal to the playful and the Bohemian. You just can’t go wrong with a geo form on the wall! While this phenomenon isn’t brand new, it continues…

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Weston Residence: Lakeside Home Taps into Terraced Planes and Roof Gardens

Outdoor retreat with pool adds to the appeal of the lakeside home

There is something undeniably beautiful about lakeside houses with glass walls that captivates people the world over. Maybe it is the seamless connection with natural landscape around, or the novelty and tranquility that an element like flowing water brings to the home, but it is one tried and tested template of home design that never fails. Following this path is the gorgeous Weston Residence nestled…

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How to Fashion a Trendy Dining Room with Spunky Orange

Lovely blend of blue and orange in this vibrant dining room

There are some colors that are perceived as too risky to use, and homeowners fear orange is one such color that overwhelms every other feature in any room it adorns. Of course, the reality is anything but that, and it is all about how you use a high-octane color like orange that will make or break the look of the interior. A dining room is…

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