15 Striking Wreath Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Cupid's arrow heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath made from yarn

If you’re the type of person who waits as long as possible to take the Christmas decorations down, you’ll be happy to know that Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to dress up your home all over again in an effort to ward off those dreary winter blues. Now is about the right time to take that Christmas wreath down from your door and replace…

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Flux Swing: Dynamic Living Room Compositions with Modular Ease

Slide element becomes the signature feature of the living room collection

A living room that interacts with the kitchen and dining room in an open plan space has almost become the norm in recent times. It is barely a surprise then that most modern designers are responding to this hot trend with living room compositions that can adapt and become one with their surroundings. Epitomizing this trend and reinventing it with sculptural elegance and inherent minimalism…

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Mediterranean Entry Ideas: An Air of Timeless Majesty!

Bright and brilliant entry with a modern Mediterranean style

The idea of first impressions being the best applies as much to your home as it does to individuals, and this is where a gorgeous entry makes a huge difference. A lovely entry starts outside your door and becomes an integral part of the home’s bigger narrative, its theme and style. From the yard that leads to the front door to the entry room itself,…

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Chic Jewelry Stands with Sculptural Style

Wall jewelry branch from West Elm

While your first inclination may be to hide your jewelry, today’s featured pieces will inspire you to put your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings on display! Sure, valuable jewels may be stored out of sight, but costume jewelry and more casual pieces can become the icing on the cake known as the jewelry stand! With so many amazing materials working their way into the design…

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Vibrant New York City Townhouse Cuts Across Styles and Eras

Gorgeous contemporary living room of New York City Towhouse

A colorful marriage of decorating styles, quirky décor and exquisite vintage finds, the gorgeous interior of this New York City townhouse aims to weave together contrasting elements with seamless fluidity. A townhouse revamped by The New Design Project to fit in with a fast-paced urban lifestyle and reflect current trends, its bright and cheerful living space epitomizes its overall vibe to perfection. The original fireplace,…

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Seaside Contemporary Home Dazzles with a Strikingly Inventive Façade

Fabulous Thailand home also acts as a luxury getaway

More often than not, contemporary homes are shaped by the landscape that surrounds them, the contours of the lot they sit on, and of course local architectural style and weather conditions. It is homes that interact positively with the world around them that serve you best in the long term, and nestled on a seaside lot in Koh Phangan, Thailand, the Somjai House is one…

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20 Tantalizing Basements That Venture Beyond the Mundane

Contemporary London basement with fabulous Antique Wheels Mirrors and shuttered concrete walls

Space is often what you make of it, and even though that sounds a bit too arbitrary, it is often the truth when it comes to home design. We have seen many homeowners waste away precious square footage by sheer lack of planning and an understanding of what they exactly need. Others tend to turn a blind eye towards that extra room sitting right below…

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Valentine’s Day DIY: A Pastel Air Plant Terrarium

Pastel air plant terrarium

As Valentine’s Day approaches, do you hunt for creative ways to gift your loved ones? For fans of modern design, an air plant terrarium is an unexpected, fun choice. Give it a “heart day” twist with a few simple additions that make a sweet statement in pastel hues. Not only is this DIY project easy to create, it can live on well past Valentine’s Day. Read…

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LofThai: Minimalism Enriched by Inspiration from the Orient

Black is the dominant hue in this living space

For some reason, every time we stumble upon a gorgeous apartment from Kiev, it seems to be a space that embraces black and darker shades gleefully. This definitely is different from trends elsewhere where most modern apartments opt for more relaxing, neutral backdrops with white being the dominant hue. Maybe there is something ever so sophisticated in the air of Kiev! LofThai is another such…

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Energy-Efficient Home in Sydney Maximizes Space and Ocean Views

Contemporary beach residence with a balcony that overlooks the ocean

A home with an ocean view – that is something you would find on the wish list of many across the planet. And sometimes in order to realize this dream, you might have to work with an awkward lot, a small cliff and a lack of expansive space. But all that is well worth the hassle if you end up with a home like Queenscliff…

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