Classic Meets Contemporary At This Gorgeous Home In Ramat HaSharon

Gorgeous modern house in Israel

Designing a home that blends two different styles is a challenge that requires both skill and a hint of imagination. But get it right and the result can set your home apart from the rest. Nestled in the busy neighborhood of Ramat HaSharon in Israel, this fabulous private residence brings together traditional Middle Eastern form with modern design elements in an effortless manner. Crafted by…

Affordable DIY Projects For Budget-Savvy Design Enthusiasts

Washi tape picture frames

I’ve had the DIY bug lately! Kate here, and this spring my motto has been, “If I can make something new every day, I will!” Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow for a daily trip to the craft store, so I’ve been on the hunt for project ideas that are affordable and easy to create. You’d be surprised by the number of budget-friendly diy projects at our fingertips,…

How To Bring Home Spa-Like Opulence With Amazing Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs for the modern Home

Our hectic modern lifestyle and the constant hustle and bustle often tempt us to spend a relaxing weekend in a rejuvenating spa. But would it not be wonderful if you could bring a part of that spa experience home? Hot tubs are a wonderful way to unwind after a long, hard day. They not only ease all your woes, they also help in improving your…

Lavish Apartment Renovation Showcases An Array Of Space-Saving Solutions

Contemporary apartment in Bratislava Slovakia

When it comes to interior design and decor, we often tend to equate space with luxury. But creative modern architects and designers are quickly putting an end to this myth with the ingenious use of limited space. Occupying an area of just 51 square meters (549 square feet), this gorgeous, contemporary apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia is all about maximizing the available room in every possible manner….

Spiral Cone Legs: Sturdy Support Brings Home Ingenious Space-Age Style!

Spiral Cone Legs

Some of the best inventions and discoveries in the world have happened by accident, and often what starts out as a simple project ends up being much more than the obvious. The story of the Spiral Cone Legs crafted by artisan Lance Stephenson follows a similar path. What started as a science fair project for his niece soon morphed into long-lasting, stylish and innovative legs…

Create An Unforgettable Air Plant Terrarium

Air plant terrarium with sand and rocks

We at Decoist love air plants! Not only do they have the power to make a big difference (no matter how small), they can be displayed in a variety of unique ways through the help of items such as pods and faceted pots. Today’s display strategy of choice: terrariums! Not only can you order a variety of terrariums online, many of them come with the…

Timeless And Striking Lighting Additions With Show-Stopping Flair!

Sara Milk Glass Chandelier in the Dining Room

There is a reason why most designers and interior design aficionados are so consumed by lighting fixtures. Apart from the millions of options that are on offer (quite literally), pendant lights and lamps often tend to make or break the look of your home. Lighting is without a doubt the most important cog in creating that perfect home with inviting ambiance. And today we have…

Expansive Quebec Residence Charms With Inviting Warmth Of Wood

Malbaie VIII-La Grange Residence in Quebec

Combining traditional architectural elements with modern design, Malbaie VIII-La Grange in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada adopts the classic barn silhouette with panache. Designed to take maximum advantage of the lovely views outside that include the St. Lawrence River in the distance, the house is clad in a cloak of wooden goodness. Combining a variety of elements that include wood, steel and exposed concrete, the grand residence presents…

Majestic Mountain Views And Untamed Elements Shape The Fourmile Sky House

Fourmile Sky House in Colorado

We often hear about the elements shaping the landscape over several thousands of years. But this spectacular modern home located at an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level and in the snow-clad peaks of Boulder, Colorado has also been shaped by earth, wind and fire! Evan Fry and his wife Melissa lost their first home to the Fourmile Canyon fire that destroyed over 169…

Add Shade And Serenity To Your Outdoor Space

Vine-filled trellis

A few days ago, I had a chance to walk the grounds of Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas. It was hot that day–almost 90 degrees, yet as soon as I made my way through the shaded entrance and began strolling the hotel’s outdoor pathways, I noticed that it was at least 10 degrees cooler on the property. [images below from Hotel San Jose] Large…

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