10 Desk Lights to Uplift a Workspace

Stylish and sturdy Studioilse w084t2

How often do we really think about the make-up and cultivation of our working environments? A workspace needs to be many things to many people and through design should aim to accommodate an array of working preferences. Yet we are time and again fettered by convention and a lack of imagination. Good design in a workspace will augment our creative vision, bolstering expression, passion, communication and…

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Rooftop Garden and Entry Rolled into One: Dramatic Cliff Dwelling in Austin

Contemporary rooftop deck overlooking Lake Austin

We are often bound by the traditions and conventions that surround us, and the world of interior design is no different. The idea of an entrance being located on the lower level of the house leading into the ground floor living area is something that seems a constant in most homes across the world. Of course, the reason it has become the standard practice is…

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Modern Home Decor and Furniture from Crowdy House

Hexagonal wall storage system by Formabilio

Today at Decoist we’re featuring 15 unique finds from Crowdy House, an online marketplace that enables designers and makers to premiere their products and sell them directly to consumers. As stated on the Crowdy House website, “Direct from the designer means the best price for you, a better profit for them and truly authentic design with a story.” Products are offered for a limited time,…

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50 Dreamy and Delightful Garden Bridge Ideas

Mesmerizing water garden with an arched bridge in Oriental style

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll in your beautiful backyard or private garden that is filled with loads of green goodness. For many of us stuck in the mundane rush of city life and surrounded by concrete and glass, it is indeed a refreshing change of pace and setting. But crafting a stunning landscape involves much more than just the greenery, and…

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10 Rural Design Escapes for City Dwellers


For city dwellers, stepping beyond the bounds of their urban realm, seeking escape in a natural context, can help to renew and reinvigorate both spirit and morale. Where architecture and design meet nature on its own terms, what follows is often an extraordinary and life-enhancing moment. This selection of rural design escapes offers just a handful of such moments. Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada Designed…

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8 Resourceful DIY Birdbath Ideas to Bring Life to Any Yard

birdbath stone 1

A birdbath can make a nice addition to your garden or yard, especially if you enjoy welcoming and watching the birds from your property. Large stone birdbaths you can find in garden supply stores can easily cost you a few hundred dollars if you want a good one, and not everyone has the budget range for it. If you aren’t afraid of getting a little creative, you can make your…

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The Art of Growing Garden Plants in Containers

Planters from West Elm

Like the chef who tells a story with the food he prepares, the container gardener sculpts interesting plantscapes that add personality to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. The ongoing houseplant revival has made container gardening all the more popular, and now that a range of interesting pots and planters are at the ready, the creative possibilities for gardeners and design enthusiasts are greater than ever!…

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8 Ways You Can Incorporate Burlap into Your Decor for a Rustic Look

Burlap ottomon with a flat surface to display accessories

Wondering how you can tweak your decor or bring some new ideas to a particular room in your home without spending too much? You might be surprised just how much you can do with burlap — yes, that beigey-brown woven fabric that typically reminds us of living on a farm or out in the country somewhere. It turns out that DIYers everywhere are loving this type…

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Villa Pecatu Bali: Exotic Blend of Natural Beauty and Modern Comfort

Stunning Villa in Bali blends contemporary and traditional design elements

Few tropical destinations in the world match the stunning islands of Bali both in terms of natural beauty and an array of luxury retreats that will transport you into a world of opulence. This well and truly is the ‘land of Gods’ and you will feel like one as you meander through its amazing array of dense forests and pristine beaches. Located amidst the hills…

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DIY Peacock Chair Ideas

Peach and mint peacock chairs are breezy and refreshing

We’re in the middle of a peacock chair revival, folks! If you’ve noticed a slew of DIY peacock chair projects and woven chair makeovers, there’s good reason! After all, these dramatic seating solutions are sculptural, throne-like and undeniably eye-catching. Originally imported from East Asia in the 19th century, peacock chairs had their first major revival in the ’60s and ’70s. Now they’re back with a…

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