No-Fuss Tips For Hosting A Houseguest In Style

Hosting a House Guest Ideas

Are you hosting a houseguest this summer? Kate here, and today’s post is dedicated to the art of welcoming friends and family members. Some of the best resources for hosting guests are written with the assumption that there’s a spare bedroom and ample funds to make their stay unforgettable. As a person who lived in a tiny apartment for years, I know firsthand what it’s…

Classic English Home Gets A Grand Contemporary Update In Sparkling Style

Contemporary Renovation of Classic House

The idea of renovating existing structures and combining old world charm with contemporary luxury and appeal is something that is quickly catching on across the globe. Located in an idyllic neighborhood of Kilham, Winchester, England, this beautiful house was a dull and boring old building until the creative folks from AR Design Studio decided to give it a grand new lease of life! Having undergone…

Charismatic Beats By Dre Headquarters In Culver City Exudes Vibrant Sophistication

Beats by Dre Headquarters, California

Dynamic, colorful and refined; these are the words that come to mind the moment you take a look at the new headquarters of Beats by Dre in Culver City, California. Spread across 105,000 square feet, the headquarters brings together three different elements of the company’s operations. Crafted with ingenuity and great care by Los Angeles-based Bestor Architecture, the gorgeous new headquarters moves away from the…

Fresh Decor Finds From 5 Stylish Etsy Shops

Bamboo fruit Bowl Decor Find

We at Decoist love highlighting the work of talented Etsy artisans. That’s why this post proudly features a variety of modern decor finds from five of our favorite Etsy shops. Get ready to discover an array of unique furniture, lighting, pillow, planter and wall art selections that reflect today’s most interesting interior design trends. Read on for all the details… buProducts We begin with buProducts, an…

Iconic Chairs That Add Sculptural Style And Timeless Elegance To Your Interior

Iconic Chairs Sculptural Design

Decor pieces are much more than mere functional pieces that serve their basic purpose, and at times, designers manage to create some stunning furnishings that seem to roll together aesthetics and ergonomics. If you are looking for that one defining chair to elevate the appeal of your living room or bedroom, then names like the Eames Lounger, the Egg chair and the curvy Swan chair…

DIY Abstract Painting with Gold Foil

DIY Abstract painting with gold foil Project

When it comes to accessorizing your home, artwork is easily one of the hardest pieces to fit into the puzzle because you want it to be personal, have meaning, and look good. Hard to get all of that at a big box store, am I right? So when you can’t find what you need, I say make it! If I told you what this piece…

Magnificent Private Villa In Belgium Amazes With A Refined Modern Makeover

Beautiful Villa Renovation Belgium

Looks can indeed be deceptive, and this gorgeous, picture-perfect villa located in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium seems to epitomize everything traditional and timeless. Yet step inside and you have a stunning modern residence that combines sleek, contemporary design with fascinating artwork to shape a truly captivating home. Featuring 12,917 square feet of living space, the scenic backdrop and the lovely garden that surrounds the villa rope you…

The Hello Pattern Collection By Judy Kaufmann

Fun Geometric pattern by Judy Kaufmann

Today we celebrate the work of Barcelona-based artist Judy Kaufmann. Her latest endeavor: Hello Pattern, a collection of geometric, organic and typographic forms that can be applied to surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood and walls. Rather than ordering vases, pillows, wallpaper and other items featuring Kaufmann’s work, you purchase a non-exclusive license for each pattern you desire. You then receive the pattern as an…

50 Stunningly Stylish Bedrooms With A Distinct And Dashing Masculine Vibe

Modern Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Fashion and design trends often come with a few predispositions that you simply cannot do away with. For instance, we love the classic case of ‘everything blue’ for the baby boy and ‘pretty pink’ for the little girl. Color scientists say that millions of dollars and research have gone into this. Others tell you that it is just a natural choice and babies do love…

15 Black And White Bathroom Inspirations With A Touch Of Retro Charm

Black and white bathroom inspirations

If there is one thing that we have learned from the decor and interior design trends of 2014, it is the growing fondness among homeowners and designers to draw inspiration from the past. This is reflected in the continuing demand for everything midcentury modern and the increasing popularity of bathroom fixtures that borrow from the Art Deco style. While we did already showcase some stunning…

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