White House: Historic Ruins Acquire Modern Sheen on the Idyllic Isle of Coll

Exquisite and stunning Scottish home on Isle of Coll with stone structure

A stunning coastline, sandy beaches, plenty of solitude and a scenic getaway that truly takes you away from the mundane and hectic life that surrounds you – Isle of Coll in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland has been a popular tourist destination for awhile now. Nestled on one of its many panoramic bits of paradise is the historic White House that was given a glittering…

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How to Speed Clean Your Home in 15 Minutes

Stylish living room from CB2

We’ve all been there: you’re hosting a dinner and you budgeted an hour to tidy up before guests arrived, but you’re running behind. Or maybe you’d planned on spending part of your weekend cleaning, but life quickly became busier than planned. How can you pick and choose the tasks that will make the biggest impact? There’s no shame in speed cleaning. In a perfect world,…

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Cumberland St Townhouse: Exquisite Transformation Retains Edgy, Industrial Vibe

Stylish modern Brooklyn townhouse opens up into the small rear garden

Industrial style and Brooklyn townhouses go hand in hand, with even the recently renovated and revamped bringing along with them an undeniable and trademark industrial aura. The Cumberland St Townhouse might not overwhelm you with the style, but it combines contemporary finesse with rough textures, exposed wooden ceiling beams and industrial-style windows to offer the very best of both worlds in a refined manner. Nestled…

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Fascinating Family Residence in Taiwan Brings the Playground Indoors!

Dining room and kitchen inside an open plan family zone

A home that encourages family members to spend quality time together instead of wasting endless hours camped in front of the television – that is an idea that could benefit many across the planet! Instead of following the cookie-cutter model of an open plan living area with a kitchen and dining room, a master bedroom, a couple of kids’ rooms and a separate playroom, Family…

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Winter Tabletop Style: Shades of Grey

Stoneware from ferm LIVING

While we’re definitely looking forward to spring, it’s still winter, which means there are plenty of chilly nights ahead. Enjoy a cozy evening in by celebrating rich, decadent tones at the dinner table. By setting a grey backdrop and letting the deep hues of the food take center stage, you can heighten your dining experience! Today we showcase a tabletop style that involves silvery tones,…

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Semi-Detached London Terrace House Gets a Bright Modern Extension

Modern extension of semi detached house in North London

Extending the living area of an ’80s terrace house is a challenging task in itself, but working with an already existing rear extension only makes the project even more challenging. This gorgeous semi-detached house dubbed Lady Somerset is nestled in the lovely neighborhood of Kentish Town, North London, and its smart, contemporary polycarbonate and glass extension opens it up towards the small rear garden with…

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Clouds, Stars, Sun and Moon: Celestial Nursery Motifs

Moon, star and sun crib bedding from The Land of Nod

There’s something dreamy going on in the world of nursery design, and it involves a bit of heavenly style. Whether you infuse your nursery with clouds, stars, suns or moons, a celestial motif is a great counterpart to more clean-lined modern elements. In fact, you can regularly find clouds, stars, and sun and moon patterns on many Scandinavian-style nursery bedding options, as well as on merchandise…

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25 Victorian Bedrooms Ranging from Classic to Modern

Plush bed is the showstopper in this lovely bedroom

One thing you cannot say about Victorian-era design and its inimitable style is that it is mundane. Nothing is ever understated in these settings, with ornate patterns, decorative ceilings and intricate designs becoming very much the staple of the style. Of course, Victorian style is neither constant nor is it a homogenous, standardized style across the globe. Different regions of the world, architects and local…

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The Designer Look for Less: Trendy Decor on a Budget

Tropical draperies and pillow from H&M Home

Shopping for decor can be an expensive pastime, especially if you enjoy changing the look of your interior to reflect the latest design trends. Luckily, nowadays it’s possible to get a designer look on a budget, thanks to a growing number of brands that offer quality products at great price points. In other words, you can get an upscale look for less! Below we highlight…

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Fitty Wun: Breezy and Playful Multi-Level Family Home in San Francisco

Gorgeous family home in San Francisco

With an exterior that embraces the traditional elements of a classic San Francisco townhouse and an interior that is quirky, spacious and filled with plenty of light, Fitty Wun is a modern family home that showcases ample versatility. Designed by Feldman Architecture for a couple with three boys, much of the residence reflects the personality of the homeowners and their desire to live in an…

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