House Serengeti: Sharp Angles, Contemporary Architecture & Luxurious Decor

House Serengetii Interior Living Room

Whenever we think of gorgeous, contemporary homes from South Africa that are draped in luxury, we think of expansive residences that invite nature indoors and are imbibed with a touch of African charm. House Serengeti by Nico van der Meulen Architects is one such amazing villa that brings together the unique flavor of the region and modern architecture that is truly global! Like many of…

Dream Houses / April 22, 2014

Handcrafted Nymphs Lamps Dazzle With Amazing Lighting Patterns!

Nymphs Lamps by Vainius Kubilius

How often have you looked at the pattern of light your bedside lamp or the dazzling living room pendant creates? Most often, our focus firmly remains on the lighting fixture itself and the extent of the illumination it offers. While lamps have evolved as gorgeous sculptural additions that add value to the interior even when switched off, few transform your home into a magical and…

Lighting / April 22, 2014

Inspiration From Kitchens With Stainless Steel Backsplashes

Stainless steel backsplash near the stove in a bright kitchen

This month at Decoist, we’ve been celebrating the sleek, sturdy look of stainless steel. From exploring design ideas for kitchens with stainless steel countertops to learning about how to clean this durable material, we’ve covered everything from getting the look to maintaining it. Today we continue our love affair with stainless steel by moving into backsplash territory. Why go stainless steel for your backsplash? Because…

Kitchens / April 22, 2014

Exclusive New York City Penthouse Blends Tribeca Style With Modern Living

Stylish living room of the Tribeca Penthouse, NYC

The distinct and dashing style of apartments in the Tribeca neighborhood is as famous and easily distinguishable as their counterparts that embrace the SoHo style. Taking roots from the industrial heritage of the region and its artistic backdrop, this Tribeca Penthouse by Turett Collaborative Architecture combines classic design with contemporary decor and lifestyle choices to create a truly exceptional living space. Preserving an 1870s-era structure…

Dream Houses / April 21, 2014

17 DIY Projects Created With Cinder Blocks

Cinder block table and sculptures

I love writing about DIY projects. It seems that almost every time I do, I come across a new project involving the use of cinder blocks. These super-affordable building materials are solid (trust me–I’ve lifted a LOT of them in my time), and they can be used to create a slew of interesting finished products, from garden walls to modern seating. Why are cinder blocks…

DIY Projects / April 21, 2014

Tranquil Treehouse Cabin In Canada Offers A Getaway Concealed By Nature!

HemLoft Treehouse Cabin in Canada

How would you like your own treehouse in the woods that offers some of the best possible views and is hidden away from any prying eyes? Former software professional and architect Joel Allen built the Hemloft right under some of the most expensive mountain homes in all of Canada. Located in the backwoods of Whistler, British Columbia, this egg-shaped delight soon became the perfect refuge…

Design Ideas / April 18, 2014

Smart Guide To Help Choose The Perfect Sofa

Luxurious contemporary couch in white

Sometimes we spend so much time on the little intricate details of the house that we often tend to overlook the bigger, more significant aspects. Picking the right sofa is one of those. With so many endless options on offer, choosing a couch that perfectly fits your needs can be both overwhelming and confusing. Shopping for a new sofa is more about understanding your own…

Furniture / April 18, 2014

Bright And Beautiful Urban Renovation Unites Two Apartments Into One

Stylish Apartment Renovation Dining Room and Kitchen

Stylish modern renovations often result in the most ingenious design solutions, as they have to work around existing restrictions. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown district, the Abbott Street Renovation is one such project that aims to give a young family additional living space. Combining two existing apartments to create one large home, Splyce Design used elevated tile floors and a creative floor plan…

Apartments / April 18, 2014

Add A Touch Of Comfort And Style To Your Interior With A DIY Stool

DIY faux fur footstool

Today’s post is inspired by a cat. A grey tabby, to be exact! Yes, my Kitty Dearest suffered a little injury to his torso last month and found himself unable to jump up onto the furniture the way he once could (shhh–don’t tell anyone we allow our cat on the furniture). What’s a kitty mama to do? I fashioned an impromptu step stool for him,…

DIY Projects / April 18, 2014

Sensational Sheer Curtains Balance Privacy With Contemporary Panache

Bedroom with sheer curtains and dramatic Ocean Views

There are many design trends that are finding their feet once again, thanks to popularity of open floor plans and breezy modern interiors that look to combine form and function. Sheer curtains are one such trend that has once again found a new lease on life in the last few years. The reasons for the renewed fame of these classics obviously go beyond the mere…

Design Ideas / April 17, 2014

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