Tasteful Fusion: Vivacious Remodeling of 1880s Montreal Row House

Bright accent wall in yellow stands out in the black and white interior of the Quebec home

Transforming a traditional row house that dates back to 1880 into a contemporary home that serves the needs of a modern family is a task that requires a careful balance of form and function The space available is indeed limited, creating another dimension to the design conundrum, and it does take a hint of creativity along with an understanding of the building’s past to get…

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20 Garland Ideas for the Holidays

Preserved boxwood garland

It’s garland season, folks, and regardless of your budget, it’s easy to add some festive trim to your home for the holidays. Whether you’re looking to impress with fresh greenery, or you simply want to use some leftover craft supplies to whip up a DIY garland in about an hour, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the projects that follow. Check them out, and…

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3 Firms Making Outstanding Contemporary Modular Homes

Vipp Shelter in Autumn

The modular home is typically a purpose-built dwelling, made and assembled in a factory setting. The finished abode is transported as a whole module to a predetermined location where it is then fixed in place and attached to various utilities. There are of course many examples of modular homes where design is evidently a careless afterthought: failing to impress or inspire, such habitats accord little more than a roof…

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Bibliophile Nirvana: 25 Dining Rooms That Serve Up a Good Read

Colorful collection of wishbone chairs and gorgeous gray bookshelves add to the charm of this dining room

The holiday season is a time for merry decorations, good food and great company. And great company need not be just friends and family, as the brilliant array of dining rooms on display today showcase! It is time to finally let your vast book collection see daylight and shun those dusty old cabinets for brilliant bookshelves that create a dynamic and colorful backdrop in the…

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Floatwing: Modular, Prefabricated Houseboat Offers an Exciting Escape!

Floor-to-ceiling glazing surrounds the living area of the houseboat

How often have you gone on a holiday wishing you could carry your home along with you? Friday, a firm that specializes in all things nautical, has come up with a fabulous floating house that brings alive this dream, as it promises to turn your weekends into a dreamy, dynamic journey on water! Dubbed Floatwing, this elegant and sustainable houseboat can easily hold a couple…

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The Beauty of Suspended Lighting

Linear suspension featuring a cluster of glass forms

Suspended lighting is like jewelry for your interior. But unlike typical necklaces, these pendants illuminate your space! From chandelier-style statements to lighting that’s attached to sleek structures in bar formation, the featured selections in today’s post represent the best in modern lighting. Below you will find some of our favorite suspended lights (including simple yet bold pendant lights), with links to purchasing information when possible….

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50 Fabulous Shabby Chic Kitchens That Bowl You Over!

Beautiful shabby chic style kitchen with tiled flooring

Shabby chic is much more than another style on the decorating spectrum. It is a lifestyle choice and a philosophy that encourages you to surround yourself with décor that feels comfortable and practical. Much like other styles born out of a counter-culture revolution, at its heart, it shuns consumerism and asks you to celebrate the old, the weathered and at times the discarded. For a…

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17 Easy DIY Holiday Candle Holders

Shimmery pinecone candle holders with white tea lights

Is there any time of the year other than the holiday season that’s more appropriate for putting pretty candles around your home? Well, maybe Halloween, but most of those candles are hidden inside pumpkins anyway. Whether you need a centerpiece for a turkey dinner or some big pillar candles to light up your darkened windows once the sun goes down, there are all sorts of…

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Doll’s House: Sustainable Addition That Celebrates Adaptability!

Charming contemporary extension for a classic home in Victoria

Drawing inspiration from a dollhouse to create a beautiful, modern extension for a traditional home does sound intriguing and a touch far-fetched. But this is precisely what the imaginative folks from BKK Architects pulled off with the gorgeous Doll’s House in Northcote, Victoria, Australia. The new rear addition to an existing home was modelled on the design flexibility and simplicity of the classic dollhouse where…

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How to Add the Color Pink to a Modern Room

Tufted floor pillow from Urban Outfitters

With pink becoming a popular “it” color over the past few years, it’s no wonder the hue has even made its way into this season’s holiday decor palette! Yes, it’s official: pink has made a big comeback. While it will always have the ability to add a soft touch to the room, it has also become an interesting choice for modern interiors. Just how do…

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