Lake View Residence Promises a Relaxed Lifestyle in the Lap of Nature

Private backyard of the Lake View House promises a relaxing hub with sensational views

Spread across 5,900 square feet and offering a perfect vantage point from which you can take in the gorgeous sights and sounds of the Bright Leaf Preserve and the distant Colorado River, the Lake View Residence combines modern comfort with natural beauty. The expansive home in Austin, Texas designed by Alterstudio Architecture is home to a family of four that enjoys spending time outdoors. Style and…

10 Outdoor Rugs That Bring Summer Style Home

Colorful patterned outdoor rug from CB2

Some say a good outdoor rug is hard to find. Between the durability factor and the challenge of finding a rug that complements your outdoor decor at an affordable price, we don’t dare argue with today’s opening statement! But we think the featured finds below may be a step in the right direction. Not to mention, many of them are available in a range of…

Modern Minimalism Meets Wooden Warmth inside Small Winter Retreat

Modern wooden shelter and ski hut with gorgeous minimal design

You do not really need a lavish mountain retreat to enjoy a calm weekend or two away from your routine life as you take in the sights and sounds of the snow-covered ski slopes around you. In fact, a small and elegant weekend cabin that combines unassuming simplicity with cozy comfort and modern beauty is the perfect winter shelter for many of us. Not only…

Captivating Chiltern House Offers a Green Oasis in Singapore’s Urban Landscape

Stunning attic lily pond and master bedroom of the Singapore home

A soothing natural hub that lets you escape the constant rush of city life and surrounds you in a cloak of greenery is something that most of us find after driving into the countryside for an hour or four. But modern homeowners no longer wish to limit this experience to a weekend getaway alone, and this has caused an increase in contemporary homes that carve…

8 Ravishing Rooftop Retreats with Elevated Style

Upper East Side Apartment with Spectacular Rooftop Terrace at Night

With land at such a premium in so many cities around the globe, it’s no surprise that more and more people are starting to utilize their rooftops as additional living space. Not only does expanding your home upwards onto your roof (in accordance with local laws) make sense practically and economically, it can also help the environment by helping to regulate the temperature of your…

The Art of Decorating a Front Entrance

Cottage front entrance

The front entrance is the first area of the home your guests see when they come to visit, and it’s also a welcoming breath of fresh air each time you walk through that front door. Not to mention, the entrance provides an amazing opportunity to make a fabulous first impression and to reflect your own personal style. Not sure where to start? Feeling stifled by…

20 Kids’ Bedrooms That Usher in a Fun Tropical Twist!

Gorgeous kids' bedroom brings home the tropical style in a delightful fashion [Design: DeZignsByD]

Any parent will tell you that one of the hardest things in the world to do is to shop for your kids. And decorating a child’s bedroom takes this insanity to an entirely new level. As taxing as the whole experience can be, at the end of the day an expression of joy on their faces is all it takes for us to feel that…

Opera: Timeless Italian Kitchen Wrapped in Contemporary Elegance

Spacious and elegant Opera kitchen complements the style of the living room

The kitchen is one part of the home that requires the perfect blend of form and ergonomics, with one complementing the other in a seamless, natural manner. There are endless personalized choices with each modern kitchen, and today we have a Michele Marcon design that aims to combine classic, old world charm with modern glitz and glamour. The fabulous Opera Kitchen from Snaidero finds its…

Bright Accents and Classy Ambiance Define Redesigned Family Home

Bright red sectional enlovens the chic family living room

The idea of renovation and redesign is often something that is attached to old structures that have been around for at least a decade or two, if not more, and require an urgent upgrade. But the Butterton in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom was purchased by its owners just a few years ago, and they soon realized that it was the floor plan of the residence that…

Color Your World with Brushstroke Motifs

Brushstroke lamp from Bek Design

Brushstroke motifs range from paintbrush-style markings to hand-drawn designs, both of which add a charming yet chic touch to interiors, especially since these abstract patterns make the perfect complement to accent walls, decor and more. We at Decoist enjoy exploring popular design trends, from color blocking to modern pastels. Plus, it’s easy to explore these trends on a budget, especially if you aren’t afraid of…

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