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Ravine Project Duplex Residence can Accommodate 2 Families

The Ravine Project is a three storey duplex residence that has been recently completed by Japanese Studio Apollo Architects and Associates. The contemporary residence is located in the commercial district of Shirokane, a district of Minato-ku, one of the 23 wards of Tokyo, Japan. The concept of the house, as desired by the client, is a home for two generations – where the client could accommodate his parents as well as his own family. The site is surrounded by a mix of both old and new buildings, old storefronts and factories.

Ravine Project Duplex Residence 1 Ravine Project Duplex Residence can Accommodate 2 Families

The first floor consists of the children’s room, whereas the second floor houses compact, individual rooms for the client’s parents, a bathroom and a dressing area. The third floor boasts big-sized family rooms along with some unique features including a great stairwell and skylight. The fourth storey houses visually-connected bedrooms through the stairwell, directing attention to the roof garden. The external façade is made by combining rectangular glass blocks, sleek slash windows and skylight, in-tune with the uniform interior design. The external walls are insulated using panels made of reinforced concrete to provide quake resistance and comfort. The distinct entrance to the house exhibits a distinguished appearance to the street.

Ravine Project Duplex Residence 20 Ravine Project Duplex Residence can Accommodate 2 Families

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  • The idea of designing a home for two families is just challenging. Being able to accomplish such project is truly brilliant. Of course, the home owner who wanted a home for both his parents and own family is just remarkable. It’s a great idea actually. I always wanted to build a home for my family and my parents. Hope to have one in the future.