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Nestle Against this London Beauty

Nestling in north-western London is the Millbrae Residence, a stunning and contemporary home. A courtyard with luxuriant vegetation and a generous pool usher us towards the main entrance. The interior design of this residence is to be seen for oneself to believe; descriptions will fall short of the actual experience; it’s superlatively modern and diverse.

Contemporary Home in London 1 Nestle Against this London Beauty

Contemporary Home in London 2 Nestle Against this London Beauty

Structured on two levels, this cozy and snug residence seems to be a haven for both children and adults. The core of the house is an open-plan living room, with a large sofa, dining room and floor-to-ceiling windows.

While socializing at this most comfortable spot, one can have unobstructed views of the pool outside. For a family with children, closely monitoring the pool from the living room is easy and pleasant. The children’s rooms are colorful and alive, featuring quite a few inspiring details. A home theater large enough for the whole family answers the inhabitants’ need for entertainment. A home worth jumping at, at any cost.

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