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History-filled Lake Villa in Sweden

Dating back to 1924 this lovely house has a rustic, old-fashioned feeling. Located in the Mölndal-Stensjön area, in Sweden this beautiful home is the perfect place to entertain family and friends.

This wonderful residence is situated just a glance away from Mölndal Center, where you can find supermarkets, banks, clothing stores, everything you could possibly need. The house has six interesting rooms with a lot of vintage details which make it a warm and welcoming place. What’s more it presents great features, such as a hearty kitchen, a spacious dining room and a large garden with patio and lush vegetation.

History filled villa History filled Lake Villa in Sweden

History filled villa1 History filled Lake Villa in Sweden

Throughout the entire house you can see a mixture of modern and traditional elements which give it an eclectic flair. The living room is a very spacious and cozy room and has a lot of great features like the fireplace, the charming recessed bookshelves and the beautiful silver patterned wallpaper.

Hiding in plain site you can find a built-in safe in the hall, a piece that keeps a part of the house’s history. The hall also houses a fireplace that is currently not in use. The owners also kept the original staircase that leads upstairs, where you can find two bedrooms and a bathroom.

This gorgeous house has a lot of history and style. It offers great accommodations and an unique living experience.

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