Get Your Family to Put Down Their Phones During Dinner with These DIY Pocket Placemats

DIY Pocket Placemat with City View

Several months ago, I received a set of darling Anthropologie dish cloths as a gift that were so lovely I couldn’t bear to actually wipe my hands on them. So they ended up sitting in a cabinet. Then, last week, IKEA provided me with the perfect solution to turn the too-pretty towels into placemats that will get a lot more visibility. The inspiration came in…

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Fast-Growing Shade Trees That Make a Statement

Weeping willow over an outdoor dining area

When your yard needs shade and there’s little time to waste, the search is on for tree options that will lessen the sun’s effect on your outdoor space! Today’s post is dedicated to fast-growing shade trees, and the featured selections below aren’t just filler trees. On the contrary, they each make a big impact in their own way! Read on for details and plenty of…

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How to Use Dark Curtains to Shape a Dramatic, Cozy Interior

Go dark in style inside the bedroom [Design: Hennessey]

There are some styles, colors and decorating nuisances that homeowners across the globe tend to steer clear of, as they consider them a touch too risky to try out. Some are scared to go with bold and brilliant colors like orange or fuchsia, while others tend to keep black away from their color scheme almost fanatically. The use of dark drapery is one strategy that…

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15 Impressive Wall Mural Ideas That Bring the Outdoors In

Exquisite and rustic, nature-themed wall mural

Wall mural art can really make a big impact in a room if you do it right. In fact, there’s probably nothing more striking than a big mural on a wall you can use to create a really big and eye-catching focal point. And when it ties in together nicely with the furniture, accessories, and overall look you’re really going for, anyone who steps into the…

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North Fitzroy: Altering a Victorian Terrace House into a Breezy Modern Hub

Lower level sitting area alongw ith kitchen and dining

We absolutely adore restoration and extension projects that turn old and dreary structures into sparkling contemporary homes that act as an intriguing bridge between the past and the present. Located in the beautiful suburb of North Fitzroy in Melbourne, this existing Victorian terrace house was give a much needed makeover along with a sparkling new extension by Pleysier Perkins. The latest contemporary addition not only…

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15 Beadboard Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen, Bathroom, and More

English country kitchen with beadboard backsplash

Backsplashes need to be tough—they have to put up with regular exposure to water and soap, and (let’s be honest), they probably don’t get cleaned as often as you’d like to. In other words, they should cover when you haven’t had time to scrub them down. Whether you go for a thick or thin beadboard, it actually works in a surprising variety of situations, from…

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Room Design Made Easy: Effective Updates

A living room update from Old Brand New

Today’s post is dedicated to the art of the room update. We’ve all been there—needing to breathe new life into a space, possibly on a budget. Today we’re sharing four rooms that take design to the next level! Some of the updates involve more work than others, but whether you’re looking to knock out a tile backsplash or to simply find that one perfect accessory to…

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Shower Cleaning Tips for a Gleaming Powder Room

Shower with subway tile and glass doors

Like many people, I keep a very clean home. However, we all have our trouble spots, don’t we?! My area of weakness: the shower. Kate here, and I’m getting ready to recaulk the tub so I can make a fresh start in the shower! I want to make sure it stays clean (and maybe even gleaming) well past the caulking, so today’s post is dedicated to…

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25 Creative Geometric Tile Ideas That Bring Excitement to Your Home

Concurrent Constellations concrete tile from KAZA

The use of neutral color palettes for contemporary interiors often leads to another set of unique challenges where you are left searching for ways that you can give a room a vivacious, unique personality. It is this search for new ways to enliven modern interiors that has seen a resurgence in the use of gorgeous geometric tile. Going beyond the kitchen and bathrooms, geometric tiles…

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Summery Swimming Pools with the Most Unusual Shapes

Gorgeous fish-shaped pool si perfect for the tropical backyard

Ah, summer. The perfect time for some poolside relaxation. You’re probably aware that most inground pools typically come in relatively simple shapes — often rectangular, oval, kidney, L-shaped, figure eight, or some other varying geometric form. But have you ever seen a pool shaped like a guitar? What about a painter’s palette? From a bird’s eye view, the shape of a pool can truly look like a…

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