21 Unique Contemporary Staircases with a Flair for the Dramatic!

Dramatic floating staircase with a backdrop to match its brilliance

How often have you looked at the staircase in your home as an aesthetic addition instead of being just a way to connect various levels indoors? Stairs can go beyond just functionality and there are times when a stunning staircase becomes the showstopper in an otherwise bland space. While some prefer the simple, understated staircase, today’s collection is for those who love the extravagant and…

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14 Genuinely Cosy Spaces

Mjölk House bedroom by Studio Junction

The term ‘cosy’ may be considered an amorphous description, its banality an infringement to rational thinking. Of course the meaning of ‘cosy’ is a rather subjective one that differs from person to person. For some, cosy is order and cleanliness; for others, cosy is clutter and disarray. Often, cosy is derived from comfort, security and warmth, found in honest materials, playful details and aesthetic qualities. Cosiness is difficult…

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Casa SMPW: Affordable Brazilian Home in Concrete, Metal and Glass

Elegant and affordable home in Brazil by Lab606

Who wouldn’t love to call a grand contemporary villa overlooking the beach or the distant mountains their home? But most often it is economic constraints that define our home, its overall ambiance and the décor that fills it. Creating an affordable, yet lovely modern family home that is both aesthetic and functional is a challenging task indeed. Nestle on a beautiful, nature-filled lot in Brasilia,…

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Finding Your Color Story

Emerald was Pantone's Color of the Year for 2013

If you’re in the process of designing a room in your home (or painting a variety of rooms in your abode), creating a color story can be a true source of inspiration. What exactly is a color story? Think of it as a color scheme that will guide you as you choose paint colors, select decor and shop for accent pieces. However, your color story…

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Solar Shading and Smart Design Shape Energy-Efficient Barcelona Home

Casa Saüc in Barcelona

Finding a relaxing nook in the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of Barcelona can be a hard task at the best of times. Set on an uneven lot and overlooking the distant mountains, a natural gradient and the distant sea, Casa Saüc by NOEM offers this serene getaway, thanks to the landscape around it and a smart architectural design. Clad in laminated wood and glass, the exterior…

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15 Creepy Gothic Candle Holder Ideas for a Scary Halloween

Large black candle holder with skulls and serpents

When it comes to Halloween decor, there are usually two main routes you can take — cute, or scary. I’ll warn you right now by saying there’s nothing all that cute about the decor trends that follow. In the spirit of Halloween, sometimes we all just really need to be creeped right out! And there’s no easier way to bring a little of that creepiness into…

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Home in Oberhaching: Modern Minimalism Encased in Warmth of Wood

Relaxing deck and pool area of the modern house in Bavaria

A stylish modern home that aims to combine a dash of minimalism with a cozy, inviting ambiance, this gorgeous residence in Oberhaching, Bavaria was designed by Despang Schlüpmann Architekten. The exterior of the house is a wonderful blend of woodsy elegance and contemporary style, as clean, straight lines, large glass windows and pops of gray paint a distinct and dashing visual. This clever balance of…

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Ilse Crawford’s Wholly Affirmative Approach to Design

A family home away from home buried deep in the Swiss Alps

Ilse Crawford is a much touted and buoyant British designer whose astute design insight, confidence, warmth and charm afford her work a level of focus that is human, expressive, harmonious and accessible. Crawford’s design journey began at an early age. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, she reflects: “I would walk around with my mum adding character touches to the rooms. I’ve always been conscious of how buildings change behaviour. Some spaces…

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The Benefits of Aluminum Baseboards

Modern interior with aluminum baseboards

Are you intrigued by the allure of metal trim in a modern interior? If you assumed aluminum baseboards were exclusively for commercial spaces, think again! There’s something refreshing and contemporary about metal baseboards. Not only are they growing in popularity because of their sleek style, their functionality has true practical benefits! Read on to discover a few reasons aluminum trim deserves a second look… [EMAC…

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Butterfly Beach Villa: 50s Ranch-Style Home Goes Midcentury Modern with Flair

Gorgeous landscape adds to the beuaty of the revamped 50s home

A beautiful conversion and renovation project, the Butterfly Beach Villa in Santa Barbara was transformed from a 1950s ranch-style bungalow into a gorgeous modern home with a distinct midcentury vibe. The makeover was completed by the ingenious folks at Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects along with the help of Ian Cronshaw of Allen and Associates, and it combines the timeless elegance of the classical structure with…

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