8 Stylish Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

Soy Candle in Ivory Ceramic Pot

No one wants mosquitoes crashing their party, but you also don’t want to ruin the ambiance you’ve created with logo-emblazoned products that don’t fit in with your decor. In other words, you want the bugs to notice them, but there’s no reason your guests need to. Luckily, these days, there are lots of stylish and subtle ways to keep insects at bay, from citronella-scented tiki…

14 Floating Decks of All Kinds for the Perfect Outdoor Summer Space

Stunning floating deck design

A floating deck isn’t one that sits on the water like a dock (although they can float over water), it’s one that ‘floats’ over your existing landscape, usually just a few inches or feet. It looks classy and also allows water and airflow beneath your deck, which can help minimize problems of wood-rot over time, and keep a backyard area from becoming a dam in…

8 Inspiring DIY Ideas for Upcycling Old CDs

Old Cds used to craft coasters

Almost everyone can probably admit to having a pile of old CDs and DVDs lying around somewhere. But now that we tend to stream or purchase all of our music, movies, and TV shows online in digital formats, there’s less of a need to cherish and add to that existing collection. So, what to do with those old CDs and DVDs you just don’t want taking…

Tranquil Screened-In Porch Ideas

Contemporary Austin screened-in porch

There’s nothing like enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer from the comfort of a screened-in porch! Whether you’re considering screening in an open porch or you’re looking for design ideas for the screened porch you already have, today’s featured photos are packed with inspiration. When it comes to furnishing this cherished space, sometimes less is more, but then again, it never hurts to go…

8 Ways to Wow Your Friends with Recycled Wine Bottles

Chandelier Made of Wine Bottles

There’s a reason that recycled wine bottle DIYs have been so popular – they’re a great excuse to drink some vino! Wine bottles also come in many interesting colors and shapes, and are already elegant enough that not much needs to be done to turn them into all sorts of lovely items. From sophisticated centerpieces to light fixtures to garden accessories, read on for a…

10 Paver Patios That Add Dimension and Flair to the Yard

Dining area on a paver patio

Pavers are often affordable, they’re low-maintenance, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. No wonder so many design lovers and DIYers turn to pavers when it comes to landscaping and outdoor design! Today we feature a range of paver patios for your inspiration. Whether you choose pavers made of brick, concrete or natural stone, the patio possibilities are endless. Read on…

Turn Your Unsightly Wire Cables and Cords into Wall Art

wire art 5

It’s as if everything comes with wires these days. And the more electronics you want to put in a room, the harder it’s going to be to keep their cables and cords free from tangles and ideally out of sight as well. There’s nothing quite like seeing a pile of black wires stuffed in a corner or along the edge of a wall to ruin…

10 Privacy Plants for Screening Your Yard in Style

Bamboo adds greenery to a poolside fence

If you’re searching for ways to create a natural screen for your yard, today’s post is for you! Kate here, and I have a little bit of experience in this area, as I spent the greater part of five years trying to block the view of my neighbor’s backyard, which had become a dumping ground for unwanted items. The problem: my living room overlooked the junk…

Wonderful Wicker Pieces for Upgraded Outdoor Entertaining

Pottery Barn honey wicker sectional on rounded platform next to ocean

When it comes to warm-weather lounging, there are few types of furniture breezier and more summery than wicker. Yes, there are some downsides to this backyard favorite – namely, lack of durability – but with hardy synthetic versions becoming easier to find these days, you can get the look of wicker without the headache. We’ve rounded up a few of the most wicked woven pieces…

Garden Statues: Tips to Make Them Look Stunning in Your Yard

Classic garden design with archway and statue

Statues you see at your local garden center look great until you bring them home and try to figure out where to put them in your yard. Just like clutter or awkward furniture positioning inside your home, garden statues that don’t quite fit just right can really make your yard look cramped, messy, and even tacky. Everyone knows at least one house in their neighborhood that…

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