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30 Magical Wood Cabins to Inspire Your Next Off-The-Grid Vacay

A vacation in the woods is always a magical experience. The peacefulness of the nature and the sense of being away from our fast-paced life is refreshing, but one thing that truly makes the experience what it is, is staying in a wood cabin. The rustic and rural style makes us feel cozy and in touch with the natural elements, truly bringing out the magic of the forest setting. If you need to indulge in some wood cabin inspiration, take a look at these wonderful 30 wood cabins before you plan your next vacay!

Simplicity in the Design


In the heart of the forest, a low cabin that extends in length is illuminated with yellow lights, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that draws you in and makes you feel at home.


Simplicity is definitely a strong element in the classic wood cabin design. The exterior is very basic and familiar, a complete opposite of modern design concepts where dynamic is always somehow in play.

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Wood cabins are often of a smaller size but when you find a bigger cabin you will clearly see that it doesn’t lose any of its coziness and security. It’s just a supersized version of a log cabin, ready to be enjoyed in the middle of the natural setting.


Even the simplest cabin can have a unique element that makes it memorable and significant. This adorable tiny cabin has two tiny hearts engraved onto the window shutters and it creates an incredibly meaningful exterior.


Wood cabins sure have a similar design but each and every one of them is unique in its own way. This spacious cabin is perfect for people who don’t want to give up the comfort of a big home while enjoying the beauty of mother nature.


The log cabin experience is made even better with a big deck where warm evenings can be spent in the company of good people. The rustic pieces truly merge with the natural surroundings and create an incredibly old-fashioned setting.


A wood cottage can easily pull off a more modern look and still hold the title of a remote getaway that represents a serene atmosphere. The A-frame design is a strong rustic element and provides a great balance to the all-glass front wall.


A tiny wood cabin proves that a smaller space can feel just as magical and charming as a bigger one. Patriotically decorated, this cabin is the perfect spot for lovers of conservative decor. The rustic elements are strong and celebrate the beauty of timeless pieces!


This is a dream log cabin that combines the concepts of traditional cottage architecture with the dynamic of upscale houses. It radiates comfort and grandiosity without seeming over the top, due to the simplicity of the wood.

Charming Rustic Exterior


The classic farmhouse style really plays well in secluded locations where the only noise is the one of nature. This lovely wooden cabin stands out in the green meadow and appears very old-fashioned, like it’s from a different time.

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A tiny shack in the middle of the forest is an excellent getaway for anyone who just wants to be surrounded by nature and stay in a cottage that is the epitome of charming rustic decor.



An antique cottage has a strong historic appeal and rocks the shabby, almost abandoned, look. It’s truly an off-the-grid paradise for those who are happy to trade luxury for nature’s delight. Sometimes the exterior of such a tiny hut almost loses itself amongst the matching trees. The dark and shabby state of the wood makes it an outstanding piece that embodies the concept of nature as the main building element.


This large cottage mixes the stone and the wood, creating a beautiful rustic piece within the natural scenery. The stone chimney is the most eye-catching element that truly sets the tone for the cottage’s aged presence.


A charming cottage with a big deck and big windows is a wonderful getaway place for anyone who loves to have a great view of the nature even from the comfort of the indoors.


What almost seems like a fairytale-like house, this big cottage provides a lot of comfort and a big dose of rustic decor. Dark wood is dominating the exterior but a playful insert of lighter shades makes the entire design appear fresh and inviting! It’s located at 3016 River Road, Columbus, North Carolina, and costs $535,000 with 3 beds and 3 baths.


The beauty of an off-the-grid cottage lies in the way they appear to have always been a part of the scenery they are set in, as if they grew into it organically. We can attribute this to the exceptional rustic exterior that makes the best of old wood and shabby presence.


A smaller and lower cottage can feel very secure and intimate, a little space within a vast nature to be enjoyed in. It really puts itself in the center of attention without being too extravagant. The Godendart cabin is located Parc National de la Jacques Cartier, only 4 hours North of Montréal.


A tiny hut in the midst of an open space is a great choice of a secluded residence that proudly represents the tough feeling of a rustic exterior and connects you to the natural textures.

Feeling One with the Nature


Luxury can be enjoyed even deep within the woods. A big wood cottage with a modern design that emphasises the importance of well-lit spaces is the perfect example of a glamorous getaway cabin.

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A beautiful log cabin with a glistening exterior

A beautiful log cabin with a glistening exterior definitely doesn’t have the intention of blending in. It was made to stand out and it does so with class! The stone chimney is the cold element that shakes up the generally warm decor. [visit AlpineVilage in Jasper]


A cozy cottage in the mountains doesn’t just offer an outstanding view of the landscape, it also represents the perfect countryside shack with charming little window shutters and a matching fence surrounding it.


A wooden log cabin normally blends in with the natural environment, but when that environment consists of mostly stone and big trees, the dark wooden cottage absolutely stands out with its distinct brown color among the green and gray backdrop.


This wooden cabin feels like a genuine part of the woods, the red doors being the only element indicating that this mini home isn’t one with the trees.


A log cottage that fits into the tiny house category is a great example of a minimalist housing concept. The beautiful log exterior creates a rustic ambiance and the simplistic white doors serve as a cute and alluring element.


A tall wood cabin is a delightful sight to see in a peaceful setting surrounded by greenery. The polished wood in a light shade feels traditional and familiar, bringing the focus to the balcony that is the greatest observation spot of the entire residence.


A simplistic cottage has a distinct character that feels very kind and welcoming. The rustic exterior gives it a timeless look, brought to life by the striped design and the classic positioning of the windows and the door!


A fully wooden cabin is lovely and traditional, but it can become a monotonous sight if all sides of the house are exactly the same and there is no variety. Big windows are an important piece to include into the design as they will create not only an illuminated interior but also an innovative exterior!


The rosy roof of this log cabin goes amazingly with the gentle look of the light wood. The entire setting feels very coherent and serene, perhaps due to the rocking chairs and the swing on the cabin’s deck.


A big cabin can still retain the classic feeling of comfort and coziness, if only the design is working in its favor. A smaller deck and the log exterior are definitely two elements that define the classic wood cabin. Big stone chimney makes a big contribution to the timeless rustic look!

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