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Traditional Home in White Given a Modern Twist with Restrained Color Palette

A balance between the old and the new often veers towards one of the sides more prominently. Classic, stylish and filled with neutral hues that are cleverly intertwined with pops of bod color, this fabulous home feels as traditional as it does modern. Even from the outside one can easily sense the timeless appeal of the residence and a roof with terracotta tiles adds to this sense of uniqueness draped in history. Window shutters in bluish-gray bring the outdoors inside while large windows bring ample natural light into every room of the house. Fabulous drapes in every room of the house add color and print to the white spaces and add contrast to an otherwise muted setting.

Traditional home given a modern update with a picture-perfect facade that is a showstopper

Designed by Lissa Lee Hickman, the home makeover subtly adds an air of luxury to an otherwise traditional home where everything is restrained and polished. The kitchen and dining area become the new heart of the house and the color scheme remains largely unaltered from the living space to the kitchen. Exquisite blue accents make the biggest impact in the living room while shades of gray usher contrast into the kitchen. A picture-perfect home renovation!

Terracotta tiles and classic features preserve the traditional appeal of this home
Traditional kitchen and dining area of the remodeled home in white with gray accents and drapes
Traditional outdoor sitting space and poolside deck with a lovely pool house next to it
Transitional bedroom in white with mirrors above the nightstand that bring symmetry to the interior
Blue accent bar chairs for the modern kitchen in white with plenty of storage space

A well-designed home should be equal parts beauty, functionality, and comfort. In achieving this result, my first and most important aspect of the creative process begins with actively listening to the client’s needs. My goal is to design timeless spaces that respect not only the architectural character of the home but also the client’s taste…

Classic bathroom in white with a beautiful black chandelier and a standalone white bathtub
Design that picture-perfect dining room in white with drapes that feature light blue print and plenty of natural light
Gorgeous sitting room in white with ample natural light and a window that shapes the backdrop
Modern traditional living room of the revamped home in white with gorgeous blue accents

Sherry Nothingam

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