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Decoist DIY: Hanging Wall Planter

Supply List:

  1. 6 pieces of wood — 2.5 inches x 3/4 inches
  2. 3 pieces of wood —1 inch x 2.5 inches
  3. Wood/carpenter’s glue
  4. Brad nails
  5. Sandpaper — this pack from 3M comes with both the 60 and 120 grit you’ll need
  6. Wood stain — we used the Varathane Wood Stain in the color Kona for the main pallet, and the color Rose for the planter boxes
  7. Clear coat spray finish — we used Tremclad Clear Satin Rust Paint but Krylon Rust Protector is a great alternative
  8. Decorative upholstery pins

Tool List:

  1. Miter saw
  2. Brad nailer
  3. Palm or hand sander
  4. Foam stain brush

Fill your planter boxes and hang it up on the wall! This hanging planter works both indoors and outdoors. Share where you decided to hang you Decoist DIY planter with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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