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Decoist DIY: Oversized Christmas Ornament


Supply List:

  1. 12″ Rubber exercise balls
  2. E600 super glue
  3. Rust-Oleum Speciality Metallic spray paint in gold & silver
    • This specific spray paint is best because of the formula, which will give you a shiny mirrored effect for your ornament.
  4. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  5. Deli cups
    • One for each ornament you’re creating
  6. Gem embellishment sheets
  7. Snowflake decals
  8. Foam brush
  9. Elmer’s glue or regular craft glue
  10. Wire coat hanger
  11. Wire cutters
  12. Exacto knife
  13. Needle nose pliers
  14. Fishing line
  15. Outdoor protective spray or gloss
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