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Epic Video Game Room Ideas That Are Still Modern and Functional

Video games are usually said to be a time-wasting activity but as a gamer, you know that’s not true. Gaming is a top-tier hobby and it should be recognized as such. It involves great eye and hand coordination and loads of practice helps you get better. This is why you need a designated space for it. A video game room should look fun, quirky, and exciting. It should reflect the life of the games you play.

Video game room ideas include using wallpapers, multicolored LED lights, large screens, and many more. The kind of decor you use depends on the games you’re a fan of and the equipment you need is determined by the kind of gamer you are. You could get yourself a themed room or go for a more subtle-looking room. Don’t forget to get the right kind of furniture. If you’re going to spend long hours there, you should pay attention to your health and have an ergonomic set-up. We have a lot of ideas you can get inspiration from.


Bedroom Video Game Room

Not enough rooms in your home to accommodate your game room? As long as you have a personal room, you can achieve what you want right there. Simply section your room. If you want, you can create a physical partition. In one part of your room, put a desk and place your screen on top. One comfortable chair should be enough especially if you game alone. The side you pick for your video game can have a huge wallpaper of your favorite game plastered on the wall.


Game Collection Shelves

Are you a collector? What better way to showcase all your rare possessions and gems than to have them arranged on shelves in your game room. It’s like having a massive library but instead of books, you have games instead. Isn’t this what childhood dreams are made of?

Racketboy / Wheezy Gameroom
rows of video game consoles on display




Multi-colored Gaming Accessories

Video games usually have specific colors associated with them. Pick bold colors used in your favorite video game and let them inspire your color palette especially for your accessories. It’s like having a themed room. When another gamer walks into your room, the colors should be instantly recognizable.

Multi-colored Gaming Accessories

Large Viewing Screen and Multiple Speakers

This is everyone’s dream video game room. To have a large viewing screen and multiple speakers is to forget about the world while playing. It gives you such an immersive experience. It does require you to invest a few more bucks to get all you need but you will have such an enjoyable experience.

Game Room with Large Viewing Screens and Multiple Speakers

Subtle Video Game Room

Not into lights and giant statues? Your room can still reflect your gaming personality. Give your game room a sleek and modern look by painting it with a neutral color. One or two medium-sized posters of your favorite video games can hang on the wall. You can utilize desk drawers and cabinets to keep your game equipment out of sight. When someone walks into the room, it might be hard at first to know what the room is about but a closer look will tell.

Subtle Video Game Room

LED Lights

LEDs are quite useful for subtle lighting. Remember, video game room ideas must always have the screen as the focal point. This is what LED lights do. It helps to create localized light that prevents the room from being completely dark and also sets the ambiance for your gaming experience.

Game Room with LED Lights
led light display over computer screens

Framed Screen

In a game room, you need the attention to be on your screen. This is why it must be the major light source in the room. Another way to increase your concentration on the screen is to frame it, usually with a color brighter than that of the wall.


Game Inspired Wall Decoration

Wall decor is an important part of having a mind-blowing video game room. It shows that your commitment to making the room come alive. How about a painting of your favorite character on the wall? Or a painting of a scene in the video game? That should change the scenery of your room.


Super Mario Inspired Room Decor

This is for the legends; the ones that have been at this since way back. Show your love for the early days with a super Mario-inspired video game room. Start with large posters in the room, cut-outs, and possibly statutes. Use the color palette for your room paint.


White-themed Video Game Room

Video game rooms do not have to be dark to feel cozy. You can go with a white-themed room that will make it feel airy and comfortable. For the modern classy gamer, this is suitable. You keep it simple with a single screen and a cabinet keeping all your gaming materials out of sight.


Arcade-like Video Game Room

Not a fan of playing games alone? This is for you. Multiple screens and multiple chairs arranged in a straight line is all you need. The room can be swiftly rearranged for something else but you get to play games with your favorite people close by.

Imgur / Chris Kooluris

Sound Proof Your Set Up

If you be able to get lost in whatever world you’re playing in, soundproof the room where your gaming setup is. Sound proofing is a smart idea because you’ll be able to have the volume up as loud as you’d like, without worrying about disturbing anyone else in your home.


Gaming is an important part of your life. The same way people have workspaces at home and libraries, you also deserve to have a space dedicated to your video games. These video game room ideas should help you decide on the type you want and what can work with the space you have. It doesn’t have to be a full room neither does it have to be spooky. It can be modern and sleek while reflecting your taste.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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