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Catalan Delight: Vacant Community Center Finds New Life Entwined with its Past

We often harp on about how adaptive reuse of structures is a great way to save both time and resources. But there are times when you need not ‘adapt’ the building into something different; a masterful revival of the old structure can give the forgotten space a new lease of life. This is precisely what one gets with the stunningly redone Sala Beckett in Barcelona. A forgotten and neglected community center that was once the heart of social activity in the Poblenou neighborhood, its latest avatar combines the old with the new in a truly captivating manner. Renovated by Flores & Prats, the new interior feels both welcoming and vivacious.

Light-filled and modern interior of the new community center pays homage to its past

The new building can host everything from marriages and communions to parties and social gatherings big and small. But in its latest form, the hub of activity is being also used as a spacious local theater along with dramaturgy school; a place where local theater enthusiasts can find plenty of celebrate. It truly is a masterpiece that carefully intertwines the past of the building with sweeping modern aesthetics and colors and motifs that bring the walls alive.

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Large foyer becomes the showstopper of the new community center in Barcelona
Multiple levels inside the center provide greater opportunities for interaction
Old Catalan influence meets modernity and ergonomics inside the revamped community center
Old meets new inside this Barcelona community center
Splash of color and creativity revitalize the forgotten space

You can see the old weathered walls, sections from the past hallways and rustic finishes still finding space next to modern expression. A sweeping foyer welcomes one inside and it leads the way to different sections of the community center. It is the foyer that acts as the new social area; a spot where people from different walks of life and with different interests can gather and interact. A perfect place for the local community to come together! [Photography: Adrià Goula]

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Theater, drama school and social activities find space inside the new center
Color of the ceiling brings brightness to the large hall
Design plan of renovated Sala Beckett

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