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Vibrant New York City Townhouse Cuts Across Styles and Eras

A colorful marriage of decorating styles, quirky décor and exquisite vintage finds, the gorgeous interior of this New York City townhouse aims to weave together contrasting elements with seamless fluidity. A townhouse revamped by The New Design Project to fit in with a fast-paced urban lifestyle and reflect current trends, its bright and cheerful living space epitomizes its overall vibe to perfection. The original fireplace, brick wall feature and mid-century touches are combined with a bright, hot pink coffee table and a lime green wingback chair to bring the best of both past and present!

Gorgeous contemporary living room of New York City Towhouse

By cleverly painting over most of the period features within the room, the designers managed to give the old townhouse a sparkling, inviting and fashionable makeover without actually splurging too much. This also does away with the necessity of any major renovations and definitely makes the revamp a lot more budget-friendly. But it is the eclectic theme used throughout the house, the fascinating collection of thrift store finds and antique pieces, and the splattering of DIY creations that truly steal the spotlight. And yet one does not feel overwhelmed by too much color or pattern at any instant.

Elegant lime green chair adds classic charm to the contemporary townhouse makeover

Trendy hot pink coffee table inspired by Abigail Ahern design

Lovely layer of contrasting styles creates an eclectic and exciting interior

A hint of midcentury charm for the modern interior

Custom bookshelf adds color to the interior

Apart from the brilliant splashes of bold color, one also sees a large influence of crisp mid-century design that gives the eclectic interior an organized and curated appeal. Clever organization solutions, beautiful lighting and captivating artwork complete this hip NYC dwelling.

Dining room with midcentury vibe

Dashing gallery wall and antiques for a cheerful, eclectic home

DIY bedroom bench idea

Four poster bed in the modern bedroom with a hint of green

Floor tiles in black and white bathroom with 3D charm

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