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Trendy Color Upgrade: Stylish Kitchens in Shades of Violet and Purple

There are plenty of new things to look forward to as you step into the New Year and 2018 is no different with early trends and hot hues already setting the pace in the design and fashion world. As is the norm each year, we keep our eye out for Pantone Color of the Year announcement this time of the season and this time around that honor has been bestowed upon bright, beautiful and versatile Ultra Violet. More than a singular color, this mystic and magical hue at its rich best offers an opportunity to try out different shades of both purple and violet. It is all about combining its overall appeal with a color that you love best!

Purple rain tribute kitchen perfectly embraces Pantone Color of the Year [From: Nar Design Group]

There are many shades of violet that range from mellow pastels to vivacious and bright hues at their incandescent best. Sure some of them veer into purple and it is often mere semantics that separates them. With that in mind, we take a look today at the best 11 kitchens that embrace this violet-purple charm even while staying distinctly modern and even sophisticated on a few occasions! It is a bold color explosion that you will absolutely adore –

Lighter Shades of Violet

The bluish-purple goodness that Ultra Violet brings might not be perfect for every kitchen, but you can explore its other shades as well to ensure that it suits with the specific theme, style and ambiance of your kitchen. We always love trying out lighters shades of a color before we delve into its darker depths and it is no different when it comes to violet or purple. Try out pastel violet hues along with white and pops of black to create a balance between light and dark elements. Pastel violet looks good in a wide range of kitchens that vary from shabby chic and vintage to traditional and rustic.

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Shabby chic kitchen with light violet glint and black and white floor tiles [From: David Giles Photography]
Gorgeous Old America Kitchen from Snaidero
Lighter shades of violet are perfect for the modern kitchen in white

A Colorful Kitchen Island

Do not view the kitchen island as just a functional addition and use it to create a stunning focal point along by adding a dash of purple or violet. A colorful kitchen island is neither a revolutionary idea nor one that will seem out of place in the contemporary kitchen. With most modern kitchens embracing a neutral color scheme that is largely anchored in white, a kitchen island with pops of Ultra Violet looks absolutely eye-catching. Of course, you can take this a step further by introducing pattern that is as simply and chic as stripes and chevron or something more expansive that uses flowery prints.

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Different shades of violet and purple blend in seamlessly [From: Treske Ltd]
Fun way to bring violet and purple to the kitchen and dining space
Colorful kitchen island stands proudly in the neutral setting

Creating a Vivacious Backdrop

From light violets and kitchen islands in purple we move on to kitchens that embrace the violet glint in a more obvious fashion. Walls in violet might feel a bit garish when you have a dark and small kitchen, but they look absolutely majestic in a larger, more light-filled kitchen. If walls in violet do not really tickle your fancy, then shelves and cabinets in violet are the next best option. As we always harp on, it is bets to repeat the color in different parts of the kitchen to give it a more curated and refined visual appeal.

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Traditional kitchen in white and lighter tones of purple [From: AM Home Design Ltd]
Violet cabinetry in the kitchen along with wine rack steals the spotlight here [From: Stephen Graver Ltd]
Contemporary kitchen in wood and dark purple is a showstopper [From: Artstyle-spb]
Finding shades of violet that venture into purple for the contemporary kitchen [From: Maria Stepanova]

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