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Sweeping, Spacious Living Meets Cozy Woodsy Elegance at this Tranquil Residence

A contemporary home that has been cleverly delineated into three different buildings to ensure that the homeowners get the most out of unique, south-facing lot. The home embrace the form of a classic gabled roof with double-height interiors leading into the kitchen and dining areas. The three small buildings are interlinked in a clever manner with one section of the home containing the public spaces and the other two containing the private spaces. The Awaawaroa Bay deigned by Cheshire Architects feels modern and traditional at the same time with the woodsy walls both on the outside and the inside adding to the timeless image of the gabled roof.

Gorgeous and inventive modern home in Awaarwaroa Bay, New Zealand

In the living room the sofa is placed neatly on to the side and its in-built design not only saves space but also ensures that the overall floor plan is as spacious and uncluttered as possible. A modern fireplace hanging from the ceiling is the focal point in here and delineates the area while a more traditional fireplace in the bedroom corner brings coziness to the room. Neutrals along with wood are used predominantly throughout the home and an outdoor dining area connected with the kitchen inside complete this contemporary New Zealand family home. [Photography: Jackie Meiring]

Custom couch in the corner with a modern hanging fireplace that offers cozy focal point
Decorating the kitchen shelf with lovely chinaware
Fireplace in the corner of the bedroom brings warmth to the woodsy modern setting
Living room of the home in the corner with a fabulous fireplace and custom lighting
Outdoor bench with natural stone feels elegant and understated

The spaces are a family of related but not identical siblings. The detailing is pragmatic but restrained. Comprising a single gable and a couple of sheds, this little home was conceived carefully, built simply, and dressed informally. We hoped this would be enough to slough away the memory of the city entirely.

Three small buildings make up this modern home in New Zealand
Woodsy exterior of the house with a chapel-like design and large windows
Kitchen inside the house extends into the outdoor sitting and eating area
Floor plan of Awaawaroa Bay House designed by Cheshire Architects in New Zealand

Sherry Nothingam

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