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Top Rustic Living Room Decor to Add to Your Home in 2024

As we move further into 2024, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many people are looking to create spaces that feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. Rustic decor has always been a popular choice for homeowners who want to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in their living spaces.

We’ll be exploring some of the best rustic living room decor ideas that you can incorporate into your home this year. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just a few key pieces to add some rustic charm to your living room, we’ve got you covered with multiple options from our favorite stores.

Vases and Planters

Vases and planters can be a great addition to your living room decor this year, especially if you’re going for a rustic theme. The earthy tones of clay or terracotta pots can provide a natural and warm feel to any space. Not only do they add pops of greenery and life to your living room, but they also work well as standalone decor items.

You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your personal style and the theme of your living room. Plus, they are easy to care for, making it a low-maintenance way to bring a touch of nature into your home. Whether you opt for small succulents or tall leafy plants, vases, and planters are versatile and timeless decor items that can instantly elevate any space.

Minka Textured Pots

Elevate your floral arrangement by pairing it with these handpainted cement vessels from Anthropologie featuring unique textured baubles. This versatile piece is perfect for showcasing your favorite fresh or dried stems.

With a wide variety of sizes available, there is one to fit pretty much every space. Click here to check out these stylish pots.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Cast Iron Planter

If the texture of the baubles is a little too rustic for your taste, these cast iron planters have smooth lines but with a deep, rich shade of black, which are sure to add a striking look to your rustic living room. Click here to view this product on Anthropologie.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Coffee Table Decor

Every beautifully styled rustic living room needs the perfect pieces for the coffee table. When it comes to decorating your coffee table, rustic pieces can add a touch of charm and warmth to your living space. Anthropologie has so many great pieces that are perfect for stunning coffee table stylings. It was so hard to pick our favorites, but here are our top three.

Teak Wood Basket

You could style it empty or fill it with your favorite accompanying rustic pieces. Either way, the rich tones of the teak wood bring just the right amount of rustic balance to any space. Click here to get yours today.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Reclaimed Wood Decorative Tray

For something that’s even more rustic than teak wood, this reclaimed wood decorative tray is the perfect addition to your coffee table and a captivating piece to place your favorite candle or vase. Click here to get yours in either a medium or large size.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Coffee Table Book

A beautiful book can also work as a piece of art and looks charming on any coffee table. This one is our favorite because of the rich brown tone, and would be sure to suit any rustic styling. Click here to view this sleek yet helpful book.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Pillows and Throws

If you’re looking to shake up your decor this year but are not interested in going all out and renovating or changing up furniture, a quick and easy way to change your space is to swap out old pillows and throws.

Palna Throw Pillow

The Palna Throw Pillow from Pottery Barn is one of our ultimate favorites. It has a beautiful kilim look and adds rustic and old-world charm to any space. Another favorite store of ours is Pottery Barn and you should click here to get a closer look at this throw pillow that will surely look great on any couch.

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Sully Handmade Throw Blanket

Combining classic traditions with stylish, trendy design elements, this woven throw brings a timeless elegance to your decor that is sure to impress. It’s the perfect touch of rustic and it’s a great price point, too! Don’t wait, click here to view this comfy throw blanket from Wayfair!

Photo Credit: Wayfair

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