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Translucent Spaces: Smart Budapest Apartment Maximizes Space and Light

It feels like a day for small apartments which maximize space with their smart design! Having already explored a lovely little Manhattan apartment with unique partitions and clever storage units, we now step into a beautiful Budapest home that does the some while maximizing the 30 square meters of available space. The backdrop inside this sophisticated urban hub is largely monochromatic and white with only the gray sheer curtains and dark black window frames breaking the visual monotony. Designed by batlab architects, Translucent Spaces has a kitchen-bathroom block that becomes the central focal point around which the rest of the apartment takes shape.

Stunningly beautiful 30-square meter space-savvy apartment in Budapest with ample modernity

The walls of the apartment have been completely turned into storage space and with handle-less white doors, one can notice how they blend into the backdrop effortlessly. HTC superfloor concrete also adds to the sense of minimalism inside the apartment with the small bedroom that feels like a cozy niche being cleverly hidden away. Natural light along with a series of recessed lights and pendants plays a big role in giving the small interior a much more spacious appeal.

Walnut of the cabinets and the kitchen shelves provide textural contrast even as a smart track with sheers helps in smartly delineating space whenever necessary. [Photography: Norbert Juhász]

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Nook above the headboard and window give the monochromatic bedroom a bright aura
Sliding door in white for the uber-small bedroom
Soft gray drapes add warmth to the polished interior with ease
Tiny bedroom next to the kitchen
Uber-tiny bedroom in white with the bare minimum
Walnut cabinets and sheer curtains bring softness to the sophisticated apartment

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Central kitchen bedroom and bathroom unit defines the tiny apartment
Dining room of the small apartment in Budapest
Industrial style pendants for the modern minimal apartment

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