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Dashing Modern Makeover of Classic Timber-Frame House in Gwynedd Valley

It is in the lovely natural setting of Gwynedd Valley that one finds the gorgeous Meadows House – a residence that surrounded by ample greenery and overlooks a meadow and a gentle stream. The house has been carefully renovated by Krieger Architects with a new rear extension that becomes the heart and soul of the revamped interior. Elegantly combining the old with the new, the addition contains a modern kitchen, family area and dining space on the lower level with a bedroom on the upper floor. With high vaulted ceilings in wood and modern white finishes all around, each of these novel spaces embraces a trendy wood and white color scheme.

Renovated and revamped Meadows House in Gwynedd Valley combined modernity with old world charm

Apart from the kitchen and social zone in the rear, the house also acquired a brand new rear entry that features a traditional mudroom complete with cubbies and other storage options. A revamp of existing rooms and repositioning of areas like the laundry room opened up space inside the house and allowed for a more functional floor plan. The small garage next to the house has been transformed into an additional bedroom suite complete with all the necessary amenities.

A touch of the timeless and contemporary ergonomics turns the classic Meadow House into a dream home for the modern family. [Photography: Jeffrey Totaro]

Double height vaulted ceiling gives the modern family room with ample natural light an even more spacious vibe
Gorgeous and spacious new modern kitchen of the house with a cozy family area next to it
New rear addition and extension of the home along with a garage turned into additional bedroom
Renovated rear entry of the house leading to the laundry space

The addition’s two-story section contains the kitchen and a new upstairs bedroom. The kitchen is open to the family room, with its soaring ceiling and wrap-around large windows providing spaciousness and light. The family can enjoy views of the meadow and woods from various seating or dining areas. A fireplace with Mercer tile surround makes a cozy focal point.

Tall rear addition of the home contains the new kitchen and the family social area
Turning the garage into a charming and relaxing additional living space and garage
Bathroom along with bedroom in the revamped garage is much more accessible
Bathroom along with bedroom in the revamped garage is much more accessible
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