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Gorgeous Grays and Industrial Modern Reshape Melbourne Terrace House

There are many directions you can take when planning for a home renovation. For some, the renovation is just an aesthetic need. But for those residing in aging homes from an era gone by, the smart modern renovation is a necessity; life-saver even! It breathes a fresh lease of life into an otherwise uncomfortable and dark residence. Project Nymph in Melbourne, Australia falls into the latter category with Zen Architects transforming an old, single fronted terrace house in the renowned Botanic Gardens neighborhood of the city into a bold, dashing contemporary home perfect for the busy-paced urbanite.

Sophisticated and modern Project Nymph in Melbourne
Sophisticated and modern Project Nymph in Melbourne

As is the rule with most of these heritage homes Down Under (quite literally), the street façade of the house was largely unaltered and the old residence was intertwined with a new kitchen and dining area section that opens up into the terrace outside. On the inside, the color palette moves away from the usual white and blue trend with dark grays, black and an undeniable touch of masculinity taking over. The home feels sophisticated and yet brings together a variety of contrasting textures and with this there is also an air of industrial modern appeal that makes it even more enchanting!

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New interior has a dark, industrial vibe full of textural beauty
Urbane interior illuminated by natural light
Stunning staircase leading to the upper level
Renovated single fronted Melbourne home with a dashing new interior
Upper level of the renovated Melbourne home with skylight

A large timber pergola has been added to provide shade for the terrace space outside and also offer solar shade for the interior. A lovely wooden staircase and ample natural lighting complete a stunning makeover that feels energetic, exquisite and one-of-a-kind. [Photography: Derek Swalwell]

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Dark and dashing interior of the revamped Melbourne
Outdoor space of the Project Nymph
Wood, metal and cement interior of the Melbourne home
Contemporary bathroom in white with minimal style
Covered and slim exterior deck full of privacy

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