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Five Factory-Built and Assembled Modules Bring Sustainability to This Québec Home

We have always believed that modular homes are the future of smart and affordable housing industry. But they are not just about saving money and time alone. They also play a huge role in ensuring that the lot they stand on is as undisturbed as possible; making them an absolute ‘green’ delight. Nestled next to Lake Manitou in Ivry-sur-le-Lac, Québec, this Country Home is one such fascinating space where sustainable design and modular ease come together in an organic, seamless and beautiful manner. At no point do Figurr Architects sacrifice form for functionality in here as you get best of both worlds.

Custom five factory-built modules use to create spacious and sustainable family home in Quebec

The home has been crafted using five fifty foot modular units that have been assembled on the lot in a short period of time. Each of the modules acts as a wonderful and spacious room and serves a specific purpose. On the outside, it is the lower level that features natural-looking finish on the outside with eye-catching black trims while the modules on the upper level are completely clad in black on the outside.

Charming exterior of the home with natural-looking finish combined with dark trims
Dark upper level of the home stands in contrast to the natural lower level exterior finish
Dark, cantilevered upper level of the house stands in contrast to the lower level with natural finish
Unique modular units combined to create a fabulous modern home with lovely lake views

The modular design is unique, created according to precise plans by the architect. The insulation, windows, and flooring were all assembled before shipping. Transporting the giant modules proved to be quite a challenge. The process included preparation, coordination, and navigating through country roads with ninety degree turns in inclement weather.

Spacious and elegant modern deck extending from the house offers lake and forest views
Multiple prefab units combined on the lot leave the landscape as untouched as possible

It is the ground floor that contains the open plan living area along with kitchen and dining space which overlook the lovely natural landscape outside while the bedrooms and private areas sit on the upper level. It is wood and glass that seem to shape the interiors almost entirely with dark window frames and a lovely screened-in porch completing the well-lit and ingenious lakeside residence. [Photography: David Boyer]

Living area of the house with a smart fireplace, woodsy ceiling and large floor-to-ceiling glass walls that bring the outdoors inside
Dark framed windows and doors usher nature into the expansive dining space
Wood and white interior of the house with ample natural light and space-savvy design
Floor plan of Prefabricated Country Home in in Ivry-sur-le-Lac, Québec

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