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This Sustainable Low-Cost Prefab in Brazil was Assembled in Less than 2 Days!

Rio Grande do Sul is a part of Brazil that is renowned for its vineyards, amazing natural scenery and fabulous retreats with a touch of European charm It is in this gorgeous green setting that one finds the eco-friendly Alpes São Chico Housing Complex designed by Porto Quadrado. This small, sustainable and budget-friendly prefab is a holiday home designed on a lush green lot for three separate families.

What started out initially as an idea to create one large, single vacation retreat soon morphed into three individual units that leave as much of the lovely lot undisturbed as possible. Working its way around large trees and existing flora, the green escape is truly one-of-a-kind!

Small sustainable vacation home in Brazil made with SIPs and assembled in less than 2 days

It was three 35 square meter structures that were constructed largely using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) that made the new design possible. All the panels came with built-in conduits for electrical and plumbing services and this meant just two carpenters could assemble the entire holiday home together in less than a day and a half. Apart from saving time and resources, the construction method also ensured that nature around the house is not drastically altered and the setting feels more like a ‘little home in the woods’ rather than an exclusive, modern retreat.

Small prefabs save both resources and the planet while allowing for quick construction
Smart design of the vacation homes integrates the retreats with nature
Three different zones house various rooms of the vacation home
Translucent sliding glass panels connect the interior with the deck and view outside
Wooden deck gently floats above ground and allows the homeowners to enjoy the sights and sounds outside
Cozy wooden panels and deck add a more natural vibe to the cabin-style vacation home

Complete with full-fledged living area, dining room, kitchen and multiple bedroom, the entire home is linked with a series of decks that float just above ground and make the project even more planet-friendly. Transition between indoor and outdoor spaces is seamless and you have a relaxing hideaway where nature takes center-stage! [Photography: Alessandro Quevedo]

Custom prefabs assembled on site leave the lot undisturbed
Dining area and kitchen of the vacation home prefab in Brazil
Hammock and wooden decks offer a lovely outdoor refuge
Natural greenery around the custom built cabins has been left as undisturbed as possible

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