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A Spring Clean with String®

As springtime approaches and we notice nature’s flowers, plants and trees putting forth green shoots, our own thinking is often stimulated, refreshed and revived. We typically contemplate and visualise ways of living that are greater and more advantageous, emphasising improved quality of life and well-being. While the so-called ‘spring clean’ is mostly a physical activity, it equally cleanses mind, body and spirit. It is a time to declutter, to take control, breathe, explore and discover; a time of renewal, embracing that which is important and making better, more informed, choices. From a design perspective, it is about choosing design imbued with integrity, that respects the environment and is long-lasting.

String® system

The well formed and handsome String® system. Image courtesy of String®.

You might decide that in order to spring clean with purpose, a good place and space to store things is required. One solution is an intelligent modular shelving system: an investment in both design and practicality. The best modular shelving systems encourage individual expression and provide a template for one’s personal style. With numerous modular shelving systems available, there are, in this writer’s opinion, few notable standouts. One particular standout is the String® shelf system. Offering endless combinations of storage solutions, String® combines side panels, shelving, cupboards and tabletops, and fits just about anywhere.

Nisse Strinning
Nisse Strinning. Image courtesy of String®.

Designed in 1949 by the swedish architect and designer Nisse Strinning (1917-2006), the String® shelf system is a modern-day Scandinavian classic. A smart storage solution, the balanced and functional String® system was created to be assembled and repositioned with ease. The winner of ‘bonnier’s bookshelf competition’ in 1949, String® shelves were later ordered for the offices in the newly built headquarters of the United Nations. String® plex launched in 1953 and the following year, String® was awarded the gold medal at La Triennale di Milano.

String® plex. Image courtesy of String®.
Here, the String® system offers a personal workspace and storage for various apparel. Image © Decoist.
The String® system makes an ideal office space. Image © Decoist.
With many applications, the String® system is perfect for storing kitchen utensils. Image © Decoist.

String® pocket and works

With its midcentury design credentials and know-how, String® has so far embraced the 21st century with aplomb: the brand launched its discrete ‘pocket’ shelf in 2005 and the ‘works’ office range in 2014 (in collaboration with industrial designer Björn Dahlström and designer Anna von Schewen).

String® pocket arrangements. Image © Decoist.
String® pocket. Image courtesy of String®.
String® works desk. Image © Decoist.
String® works arrangements. Image © Decoist.
String® works shelving and storage.
Gerard McGuickin
Gerard is a writer, a thinker and a modern-day gentleman living in a modish neighbourhood in south Belfast. Walnut Grey Design is his popular manifesto of good design. From Gerard’s discerning perspective, design should be aesthetic, smart, honest and gratifying. Moreover, it must be for keeps. A self-confessed urbanite, Gerard is enthralled b[...]

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