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Space-Savvy Urban Apartment Designed for a Couple and their Cat!

Transforming a poorly planned and tiny apartment in New Taipei City, Taiwan, A Lentil Design crafted this fabulous little space for a modern, urban couple and their delightful pawed friend! The apartment was filled with a series of unnecessary internal partitions that gave it a cluttered and dark look. With limited space of just 49.5 square meters, it was obvious that every inch of space inside the apartment needed to be used to the hilt. The renovation started with clearing of all internal walls to fashion an open plan living area with a tiny living room in the corner and a space-conscious kitchen.

Small apartment in New Taipei City for an urban couple with cat

The kitchen is filled with a wall of white cabinets that help tuck away mess and reduce visual fragmentation. In one corner of the living area a small sofa along with the TV and a custom wooden shelf are snugly tucked away while a modest dining area and breakfast bench completes this setting. A bedroom on the lower level and an additional attic bedroom along with a bespoke staircase that contains hidden storage compartments complete this exceptional and unique apartment.

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Custom wooden shelf with workdesk underneath
Stylish pops of color and geo patterns for the urbane apartment
Tiny dining space and kitchen next to small living area in the corner
Kitchen in white with a small dining area
Smart shelving and loft bedroom with storage underneath transform the small apartment
Custom stairway, sliding glass doors and hidden storage units

It is obvious that the backdrop of the interior was intentionally kept neutral and painted white to give it a more spacious appeal. Geo patterns and pops of color are used carefully and in a curated fashion to provide freshness without disturbing this sense of tranquility. Large windows bring in ample natural light and track lighting takes over after sunset to eliminate any dark corners inside this revitalized Taipei City home.

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View of the dining and kitchen with ample shelving and storage space
View of the staircase leading to the loft bedroom
Sliding glass doors used to delineate space without stopping passage of light
Loft bedroom with a flood of natural light
Throw pillows bring color to the interior
Floor plan of the tiny apartment before and after renovation
Space-savvy interior of modern New Taipei City apartment

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