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Cheerful Living Inside Space-Savvy Modern Apartment with Custom Decor Solutions

Apartment living is all about maximizing space and finding a floor plan that specifically works for you. This generally means architects and designers must work closely with homeowners to create a perfect home that serves their ever-evolving needs. That is just what you get with the fabulous and light-filled Apê Ipojuca in Sao Paulo Brazil. Designed by Balaio Arquitetura, there are many innovative design solutions inside this apartment that make it a real inspiration for all those looking to transform their own congested homes. With an open plan living area, balcony on one side and kitchen on the other, there is a large social zone at that heart of this apartment.

Modern apartment of the Sao Paulo apartment with a smart room divider that acts as TV stand

White is the color of choice in here with a polyurethane floor that adds to the reflective charm of the interior. Adding contrast and delineating space without using walls is the concrete and wooden ceiling surfaces along with a dash of blue in both the balcony and the kitchen. There are a variety of seats in the living space like the swing, sofa and the armchair that give the area whimsical chair. A standalone unit that holds the TV allows those in the living room and the balcony to get a glimpse of it even as the white brick wall in the backdrop adds contrast without moving away from the color scheme.

Brick wall section of the apartment provides backdrop to the beautiful blue sofa in this Sao Paulo apartment
Custom standalone wall in the living room acts as a divider while providing space for TV
Gorgeous living room and balcony of the house create a spacious social zone inside the apartment
Homeowners can enjoy the TV from the balcony as well
Mesh and glass walls for the balcony create a sheltered space that feels like an extension of the living room

The color scheme continues in the space-saving bedroom and kids’ spaces as well with a custom concrete bench being an integral part of almost every room of the apartment. A beautiful and modern apartment that is easy on the eyes! [Photography: Manuel Sá]

Minimal and modern room divider with TV stand and a simple, elegant frame
Modern bedroom of the apartment in white and wood feels elegant and understated
Simple and minimal design of the kids’ room and guest space with wooden beds and benches
Sliding glass doors connect the living area and interior of the house with the spacious balcony outside
Wooden ceiling and shelves bring warmth to the spacious modern kitchen
Wooden dining table sits between the kitchen on one side and the enclosed balcony on the other
Wooden ceiling and a change in floor delineates the kitchen from the living area and dining space

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