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Apartment V01: Hidden Kitchen, Shelves and a Range of Space-Saving Delights

For a design aficionado there are few things more delightful than a modest home that maximizes the available space with a wide array of space-saving features that wow you with unbridled creativity. Offering precisely this is the lovely, smart Apartment V01, nestled in the heart of Sofia and designed by dontDIY with loads of ingenuity and an understated Scandinavian flair. The urbane apartment does its very best in terms of utilizing the vertical room on offer, as a series of multi-functional storage units in the living room and a kitchen that completely vanishes from sight when not in use leave you spellbound.

Modern eclectic living room with modular sofa, brick walls and a TV on the floor

An open living area welcomes you at Apartment V01, with the dining area and a cozy reading nook housed on an elevated platform on one side of the room, while the living space with a plush blue modular couch occupies the other half. Exposed, whitewashed brick walls give the interior a unique personality and create a neutral backdrop, while the smart décor and warm, woodsy accents usher in color and personality. Midcentury, vintage and Scandinavian-style décor sits comfortably next to one another, with a dark fireplace becoming the focal point of this breezy setting.

Living room of the space-savvy apartment with exposed brick wall and chevron flooring

Cabinest around the fireplace provide additional storgae space

Cozy fireplace in the living room also serves the dining space - workarea

Custom decor in plywood adds warmth to the breezy interior of the Sofia apartment

Fabulous modular sofa in blue adds color to the eclectic living space

Entrance of apartment V01 in Sofia

Interesting use of wall space and partitions inside the modern Bulgarian home

Minimal shelves and chevron patterm flooring for the smart apartment

Multi-functional, space-saving storage unit in the living room

Smart and minimal way of decorating the living room with a pop of color

Twin coffee tables create a visual link between the living space and dining area

Whitewashed brick wall lets the colorful sofa and artwork standout visually

It is the built-in kitchen that is the true showstopper of this resourceful apartment, as it can be fully concealed behind sliding white doors. The bespoke plywood kitchen is all about practicality and ergonomics, as it makes the most of the limited wall space and only offers the most essential features that the homeowners wished for. With the wall storage units next to it concealing kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, there is no lack of counter space here. A wardrobe room with a yoga deck, winter garden and pet zone, a minimal bedroom in white with a custom baroque bed, and a lovely bathroom in white complete this savvy apartment.

Wooden bookcase set against the exposed brick wall in the open plan living area

Foldable white doors open up to reveal the space-conscious kitchen

Sleek and stylish small kitchen design

Stackable, folding white doors hide the kitchen when not in use

Modern hidden kitchen design

Smart bespoke kitchen design with stackable folding doors

Kitchen completely vanishes from the site when not in use

Small bedroom with bespoke plywood baroque bed

Sconce lighting fixture used as space-saving bedside light

All-white small bathroom design

Floor plan of Apartment V01 in Sofia

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