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Old and New Share Common Space at this Gorgeous Spa Complex in Estonia

There are times when the old gives way to the new and then there are occasions when it is better to preserve and enhance the existing while adding a new layer of modernity, rather than a complete overhaul. Set in an idyllic landscape in Põlli village, Estonia, this sauna is part of a larger farm complex that combines vernacular design, modernity and plenty of rustic charm. Designed by Peeter Pere, the Lusthoone Funhouse Sauna incorporates an old, remodeled smoke sauna into a modern complex that has it all!

Old and dark smoke sauna is added to the newer and larger complex

The sauna complex is detached from the main farm buildings and the landscape around the structure enhances its overall pleasant and inviting visual. A continuous gabled roof structure holds the old sauna with dark exterior on one side and a more modern new sauna on the other with a reflective, white sheen. The contrast is both visual and textural and represents the two different style statements that are cleverly woven together by the overall structure. In the middle of the two saunas is the atrium that ushers in ample natural light and provides a spacious sitting area with minimal form and Scandinavian décor.

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Dark sauna room stands out visually when compared to its brighter, more modern counterpart
Gorgeous white modern sauna complex next to a farmhouse
Landscape around the sauna highlights its beauty
Light and fun overall design of the sauna makes it a visual delight
Look at the sauna complex after sunset
Lusthoone Funhouse Sauna in Estonia

Wood is the material of choice on the outside, while the newly added sauna features exposed cement and concrete on the inside. With a beautiful little fireplace and ample opportunity to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the many sights and sounds outside, this is a getaway that promises to melt away all woes. [Photography: Tõnu Tunnel]

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Minimal and modern interior of the sauna
Sauna complex next to farmhouse in Estonia with a modern addition
Snow-covered landscape around the sauna
Stylish sauna complex combines Scandinavian sleekness with classic charm
Atrium and sitting area that links the old and new saunas
Atrium and sitting area that links the old and new saunas
Central atrium offers a spacious sitting zone between the two saunas
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