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Tiles to Styles: Smart Bathroom Decorating Trends with a Difference

We have come a long way from bathrooms that were just basic in the last decade and a half. Modern bathrooms ooze luxury and elegance and many of them are increasingly borrowing from the aesthetics of rejuvenating spas. But with changing seasons and trends, we also see a shift in the decorative pieces and additions that give the bathroom a new look. In the bathroom some of these trends have started to become modern classics that are bound to be around for a long time now while others bring a sense of novelty and freshness to the setting. No matter what you taste is, you are bound to love these smart bathroom trends!

Shabby chic style bathroom with traditional charm

The focus today is largely on tiles with the idea of giving your existing bathroom an instant face-lift. But for those who wish to try out the latest bathroom decorating styles, there is also a ‘trendy classic’ to fall in love with. Some are easier to incorporate than others and the many inspirations below will give you cool new ideas that might just be right for your ideal bathroom. Enjoy!

Stones and Pebble Tiles

River rocks, polished stones or just pebble tiles that usher in a whole lot of textural contrast – there are plenty of different ways in which you can add that spa-inspired feature to your home. Pebble tiles and river rocks give the bathroom a more soothing and stylish look. It can be the area around the bathtub, the corner shower space or even just a section of the bathroom floor in the corner – pebble tiles make a big difference almost instantly. And you are bound to see more and more of them in the seasons ahead!

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Pebbled floor tile for the tropical bathroom [From: Rockefeller Kempel Architects / Eric Staudenmaier Photography]
Polished contemporary bathroom with a touch of Asian elegance
Bring the pebble style indoors with ease!
Contemporary bathroom with river rocks that create a unique visual
Pebble tiles are a cool addition to the modern bathroom [From: Stockett Tile & Granite Company]

Going Timeless with a Style Twist

There is a reason why the classics are the classics and if you love a bit of timeless traditional charm in the bathroom, then now is the time to shed the modern cloak and give the space an upgrade. Giving the bathroom a more classic appeal comes with bathroom fixtures with warm, metallic glint, a touch of gold here and there and plenty of textural contrast as well. You can still choose a predominant style – be it eclectic, rustic, art décor or shabby with a touch of elegance! A vintage bathtub, weathered wooden vanity and a lovely chandelier should complete this refined space.

Curated art gives this Asian bathroom a timeless aura [From: Consumer’s Choice Home Reno]
Eclectic bathroom feels like anything but one! [From: Hudson Place Realty]
Rustic bathroom with brass accents and a classic vibe [From: Æ Interiors]
Classic Mediterranean bathroom charm brought to the modern setting [From: Elenia Palmas]

A Stunning Feature Wall

There are plenty of ways in which you can create a gorgeous feature wall in the bathroom, but we once again suggest you go down the tiled route this summer and fall. Tiled backdrops that paint a lovely picture are a hot trend you simply cannot miss while a colorful backdrop using subway tiles is a less flashy, more common alternative. Accent wood walls in the bathroom do require a bit more in terms of care, but they are well worth the extra effort in a sophisticated contemporary bathroom that is devoid of warmth.

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Lovely wooden accent wall for the contemporary bathroom
Natural stone feature wall with an earthy charm [From: Domb architects]
Orange brings color into this polished modern bathroom
Contemporary bathroom with feature wall that steals the spotlight [From: Mico Bathrooms]
Fun feature wall for the small contemporary bathroom

A Modern Classic!

There are a few trends that change with passing seasons and years and some that start to define an entire decade or two. When it comes to using hexagonal tiles in the bathroom, we could well be looking at the latter with these geometric tiles finding space in both kitchens and bathrooms across the globe. Be it in bright, brilliant hues or in neutral colors, the hexagonal tile is instantly noticeable in any space it adorns. In the bathroom shower area, these tiles appear even more gorgeous with the rest of the bathroom remaining as neutral as possible.

Gorgeous use of hexagonal tiles inside the transitional bathroom [From: Aman Architecture]
Smart 3D-style tiled backdrop shapes the contemporary bathroom
Who says hexagonal tiles in the bathroom have to be boring
Colorful eclectic bathroom with hexagonal tiled backdrop
Dark hexagonal bathroom tiles for the modern bathroom [From: Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio]

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