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Pepper House: A Place to Rest, Rejuvenate and Get Some Work Done

The bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam have only gotten busier in the last few years, with the capital becoming the focal point of the nation’s rapid economic growth. A climate that is perfect for your entrepreneurs and businessmen, the city offers a window into a world of opportunities that were simply unfathomable a decade ago. It is in this context that Pepper House was shaped by GEMA to provide a relaxing shelter, an efficient workspace and a classy gathering spot for growing businesses. The lovely building nestled on the edge of Thi Nghe canal overlooks a lush green park and sits right next to the city’s largest botanical gardens.

Revamped Pepper House in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We love the idea behind Pepper House and how it offers a one-stop shop for anyone looking to kick-start their new venture in the big city. Split across five different floors, each level offers something unique in terms of both form and more essentially function, with a relaxing ambiance and a stylish design shaping the interior. On the ground floor is a small reception, along with a coffee area that allows you to welcome potential customers and clients, and offers a wonderful hangout for everyone working in the two levels above. Small niches provide smart conversation nooks, even as the beautiful blue walls and exposed concrete surfaces usher in a modern-industrial style.

Reception area of the coffee house on the lowest level

Ground floor coffee area and recepton zone on the lowst level of Ho Chi Minh City home

Geometric floor tiles, bold beautiful walls and exposed concrete surfaces shape the smart reception

A perfect place for a smart startuu in Ho Chi Minh City

Conference area and workstation with a splash of blue and geo tiled flooring

Ergonomic workstation with a view of the canal outside

Framed glass walls and windows offer a wonderful view of the natural greenry outside

Second and third level workspaces with white backdrop and relaxing ambiance

Small nook is perfect for conversation and a cup of coffee

The second and third levels of the residence contain smart office spaces that can accommodate a small staff easily, along with restrooms. With a simple color scheme that is centered around white and ample storage space, the two levels also offer wonderful views of the canal and greenery outside. It is the top two levels that house two small apartments, which make the most of the available space on offer. The open plan living area of the apartment on the fourth floor flows into the bedroom, with the headboard wall separating the two.

Industrial modern living area of the small 40 sqaure meter apartment at the Pepeer House

Open living area, kitchen and dining with a small sectional couch in blue and workdesk

Pendant lights and metallic finishes give the kitchen and dining an airy ambiance

Headboard wall separates the bedroom from the living space in a cool and breezy fashion

Simple reading nook with floor lamp that offers a view of the canal and green preserve around it

Small apartment design that saves up on space

Small kitchen with white tiles and under cabinet lighting

Gorgeous use of color and brass acceents in the small bathroom

The fifth-floor apartment has a more industrial-retro feel to it, with exposed concrete walls and an iron frame-coated glass closet setting the mood indoors. Space-savvy décor and smart lighting complete the interior, where comfort is coupled with ergonomics in an efficient fashion.

Iron-frame coated-glass closet adds to the industrial retro style

Retro, industrial and modern styles brought together inside the Ho Chi Minh City apartment

Floor design brings a touch of 3D beuaty to the bedroom and industrial modern living area

Serene bedroom design with blue backdrop

LED strip lighting is a perfect way to highlight features inside a small apartment

Hexagonal floor tiles bring geometric beauty to the small bathroom

Restrooms for the third level work areas

Floor plan of the first level of Pepper House with coffee shop and reception

Floor plan of the second level with workspaces

Office spaces and conference zone on the third level - Floor plan

Small apartment floor plan design

Industrial retro apartment floor plan

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