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Space-Savvy and in Some Style: Trendy Decor Finds for the Small Home Office

The idea of a home office or home workspace where one spent considerable amount of time was a rarity not too long ago. But technology and changing lifestyles have completely altered the way homeowners look at home workspaces and today many are even willing to sacrifice a formal dining area or addition bedroom to accommodate a home office. As always, space becomes the key constraint when most of us start planning for a home office. From tiny corners in bedrooms and kitchen to multi-purpose rooms that can be used as workspaces, guest rooms and kids’ playrooms, there are plenty of ways in which we work around the spatial conundrum.

Storm turns the smallest corner into work area

So, you have managed to create a tiny bit (or even a substantially larger chunk) of space for the home office. But there still is the question of finding the right décor that combines space-savvy goodness with efficiency and aesthetics to create that perfect working environment. Today, we showcase the latest and trendiest décor finds for the small home workspace from Cattelan Italia and all of these look great even in the larger, more expansive home office. Be it a smart desk that allows you to multi-task or lighting that takes up absolutely no space at all, there is something here for everyone looking to complete their ideal home workspace –

Sensationally Sophisticated: Storm

Storm is well and truly a desk that stands up to its name with a design that literally creates a ‘design storm’ in your home work area or small home office. This slim, curvy and subtly masculine desk clad in leather is a showstopper no matter where it sits. Designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia, this stunning desk has a metallic base that comes in wide range of finishes and a tabletop that is clad in a leather of your choices and finish. With design that maximizes desk space and an additional area for accessories and more, this cool desk easily strands out from the crowd.

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Ergonomic and trendy work desk for the home workstation
Gorgeous leather top of Storm
Majestic and masculine home office desk by Andrea Lucatello
Space-savvy contemporary desk for the small home office
Storm provides additional space for accessories and more!
Closer look at the stunning leather finish of the Storm desk
Customize the finish and style of Storm to match the rest of the home work area

Curvy and Grand

If Storm is not to your liking then maybe you might want to give Malibu a try. A desk that is as curvy and stylish as Storm, Malibu feels far cozier with its wooden top and an aesthetic that transcends styles. For those who have more space to spare and are looking for a large office desk that offers ample storage space, Wall Street is the ideal choice. This grand desk is more at home in dedicated home office spaces and gives the room a more polished and formal look – an aura that is welcome for those who work from home regularly.

Small office desk also ushers in geometric contrast
Curvy desk with wooden tabletop and a metallic base
Stunning Wall Street by Alessio Bassan
Majestic desk is perfect for the large home office

Stacking Up the Style Quotient!

Every home office needs some shelving; even if you are not really big on storing documents and files in physical form. The Harlem bookcase is perfect in this regard as its open form allows it to be used both as an efficient bookcase and storage area and also as a lovely display that can add a new aesthetic twist to the modern home office. And the final piece of the jigsaw comes in the form of the minimal, urbane and seemingly sculptural Oslo coffee table in black – a stylish statement piece that takes up little physical space.

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Gorgeous Harlem bookcase is perfect for the space-savvy modern home office
Snazzy contemporary bookcase designed by Giorgio Cattelan
Closer look at the Harlem Bookcase in white
Exquisite and polished coffee table in black
Cool coffee table feels like a sculptural addition

Lights that Vanishes!

Rarely do we find lighting fixtures as adaptable, unique, slim and elegant as Fisherman. A BrogliatoTraverso design that is unlike any else, these uber-thin wall lamps are also super-flexible and provide you with a wide range of lighting options that varies from beautiful ambient lighting to focused illumination. Since they demand almost no space at all, they can be used in even the tiniest workspace with ease and with the right backdrop, you will not even notice their presence!

Fisherman wall lamp is both adjustable and slim
Slim wall lamps blend into the backdrop effortlessly
Adjustable wall lamp in titanium is a showstopper

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