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Dark Apartment in Barcelona Finds New Life with Open Rooms and Round Windows

Small apartment makeovers are tricky in more ways than one. This becomes an even more challenging task when you want to combine the old with the new in a seamless manner while creating a new ambiance indoors. The Pujades 141 Apartment in Barcelona is one such tiny space that was revamped and given a fresh, new lease of life by Aramé Studio by turning to an open floor plan and innovative use of round windows that end up stealing the spotlight. The old and dark apartment was transformed by opening up the rooms, reducing the length of the corridors and creating a flowing design where light flows seamlessly from one area to the next.

Innovative partitions coupled with windows inside the apartment for flow of natural light

Inside the apartment one still finds some of the original elements of the space untouched as the curved ceiling and the terracotta floor tiles greet you in every room. The small living area and entrance lead to the custom kitchen in wood and metal that sits as a transitionary space between two different zones. Apart from the bedroom, a second room that can be used as a dining area, guest room or reading space was created with a round window allowing those inside a view of the living space.

A wood and white backdrop, cleverly placed windows and ample natural light put the final touches on this economic and breezy makeover. [Photography: Del Rio Bani]

Custom small kitchen island in metal and wood for the small apartment
Circular window connects the kitchen and the living area with the dining space or secondary room
Classic ceilings and Terracotta tiles bring textural and old world charm into this small Barcelona home
Combining the traditional elements of Barcelona apartments with modern touches

The proposal introduces a new plan distribution, erasing the old corridor and transforming the whole apartment in a sequence of open spaces. The project proposes longer views and a perception of a bigger space through enfilades of spaces that goes from the most “public spaces” to the more private ones.

Finding ways to bring natural light into the small Barcelona apartment with ease
Innovative use of circular windows inside the Barcelona apartment for flow of natural light
Revamped corridor of the home is now flooded with natural light
Design plan of renovated Pujades 141 Apartment in Barcelona by Aramé Studio

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