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The Latest in Shower Curtain Trends

Refreshing your shower with a new curtain is the perfect way to give your powder room a makeover! Think of your shower curtain as a canvas that you can use to celebrate your design style and breathe new life into your space. Today we highlight a few top shower curtain trends, from retro patterns to popular geo options. Take a look at the selections below, and then tell us about your favorites at the end of the post…

Retro Designs

We begin with shower curtains that are bathed in retro style. This Zig Zag Shower Curtain from CB2 might as well be from the ’70s. And that’s why we love it! Designed by Noël Ashby, the curtain is perfectly in line with today’s geo style. More geo flair later in the post…

Retro-style shower curtain from CB2

Anthropologie’s Misona Shower Curtain looks perfectly at home in modern spaces, but there’s something wonderfully Art Nouveau about the design. If you’re seeking a vintage look that’s perfect for today’s style, this selection just might be for you!

Anthropologie shower curtain with Art Noveau flair

We’ve been long-time fans of Jonathan Adler’s Fish Scales pattern, so naturally anything that features this retro-style design gets an A+ in our book! Add some Deco flair to your bathroom with the vibrancy that only Jonathan Adler can bring to a shower curtain:

Scale-pattern shower curtain from Jonathan Adler

West Elm’s Mid-Century Bracket Geo Shower Curtain has the look and feel of a decorative stone wall from the ’50s/’60. A perfect addition for those who love Mid-Century patterns and architectural detailing!

Midcentury-style shower curtain from West Elm

Striped Style

It’s hard to call striped shower curtains a trend, because they never go out of style, and they always seem to be available! But we’re loving the crisp striped selections that are currently in stores, like this Hampton Stripe Seafoam Shower Curtain from Crate & Barrel. Why shouldn’t it be summer all year long in your powder room?!

Classic striped shower curtain from Crate & Barrel

It’s hard to get more nautical than navy and white stripes! And this Stripe Shower Curtain in Dusty Navy from West Elm captures the chic side of seaworthy style with wide stripes in white and blue. The look is modern, yet this item blends well with a range of design styles:

Summery striped shower curtain from West Elm

Also from West Elm is this Stripe Border Shower Curtain in Stone White/Platinum. Not only does it celebrate the power of stripes, it showcases today’s popular tassel trend! Perfect for eclectic spaces.

Striped and tasseled shower curtain from West Elm

Geo Flair

We now focus on shower curtains that bring geometric flair to the powder room. Geo style is alive and well in this Triangle Shower Curtain from CB2. Black and cream create a powerful contrast, and metallic accents take the shower curtain into luxe territory:

Geo shower curtain from CB2

Combining geo style with pastels and rich tones is ferm LIVING’s Spear Shower Curtain, which features interesting colors such as Rose, Mint and Curry:

Geo shower curtain from ferm LIVING

We now turn our attention to geo shower curtains with an eclectic feel. Anthropologie’s Geo-Block Shower Curtain features a pattern than resembles tile work, giving this curtain a timeless feel rather than a trendy one:

Geo shower curtain from Anthropologie

For a geo shower curtain that looks great in Boho spaces, check out the 4040 Locust Pyramid Geo Shower Curtain from Urban Outfitters. And if you’re looking for something a bit more colorful, the design also comes in blue!

Eclectic geo shower curtain from Urban Outfitters

Here’s another Urban Outfitters shower curtain that veers into Boho territory. The Magical Thinking Printed Boucherouite Shower Curtain is a vision in black and white:

Black and white geo shower curtain from Urban Outfitters

Today’s Popular Designs

Let’s end the post by shining the spotlight on some of today’s most popular designs! For starters, raindrop motifs are perfect for the shower, as droplets of water are no strangers to this area of the powder room! We’re loving Crate & Barrel’s Marimekko Iso Pisaroi Shower Curtain. Designed by Maija Louekari, the design features shades of blue and green against a refreshing white background:

Raindrop shower curtain from Crate & Barrel

Whimsical raindrop style is alive and well on this Jardin Des Plantes Shower Curtain from Anthropologie. South African artist Ruan Hoffmann has created a true work of art!

Raindrop shower curtain from Anthropologie

From the raindrops to the birds, avian motifs are going strong in shower curtain land, especially when they involve playful designs. This toucan-patterned shower curtain from H&M brings a tropical vibe to the powder room:

Toucan shower curtain from H&M

We were seriously tempted to put this shower curtain in the retro section at the top of the post, as there’s something undeniably ’80s about the design! Say hello to the Styles Miami Flamingo shower curtain designed by Robert Farkas, available through DENY:

Flamingo shower curtain

When it comes to modern design, grids have made a comeback. They’re boldly linear, and they can evoke both the retro and the modern in terms of style. This Grid Shower Curtain from ferm LIVING is striking in its simplicity:

Grid shower curtain from ferm LIVING

Also from ferm LIVING is this Marble Shower Curtain, which is perfect for marble lovers who are looking for an affordable alternative to marble tile. Trend alert: be on the lookout for marble patterns on everything from pillows to bedding!

Marble shower curtain from ferm LIVING

Now it’s your turn to tell us about your favorite shower curtains from today’s post by leaving a comment below…

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