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10 Rustic Inspired Kitchens for the Modern Home

The rustic trend is grounded in an appreciation for natural materials, traditional farmhouse decor, and vintage details. The country feel of rustic homes does not have to be confined to rural farmhouses, and more increasingly, designers are bringing the farmhouse decor style into urban, modern homes. Mixing both new and vintage decor creates a modern-rustic design scheme that draws on traditional farmhouse decor elements but remains loyal to a more contemporary style. On the other hand, traditional rustic decor leans heavily on the vintage, wooden, and worn features of the farmhouse style. This article will explore both modern-rustic spaces and traditional rustic rooms so you can decide where you land on the rustic-loving spectrum.

Modern Rustic Kitchens

Styling a rustic space is certainly easier when the architecture of the space has wooden beams or barn board already built into the structure. Interior designers are able to capitalize on existing wooden features to compliment the farmhouse theme. Introducing sleek appliances, hardware, and furniture pieces helps transform the rustic style into a contemporary version of the traditional trend. The kitchens that are highlighted below have some serious rustic inspiration behind them, but the designers have also embraced modern elements to bring the spaces up to 21st-century speed. The modern rustic trend is characterized by clean lines, stainless steel materials, and traditional wood that is the cornerstone of the farmhouse style. Check out the following modern-rustic spaces where the old and the new meet in the middle to create an amazing living area:

Modern Clean White Farmhouse Inspired Rustic Decor Kitchen
This ultra-chic modern kitchen draws on the rustic elements of the wood beam ceiling and craftsman cabinetry. The tap fixtures are reminiscent of the vintage style but are a modern stainless steel, while vintage style wall lanterns help ground the room in the rustic theme. Image via ArchitecturalDigest.com.
A blue toned farmhouse inspired kitchen is modernized with a fun textile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and a large bowl sink. Image via LivingStoneConstruction.com.
A modern rustic kitchen space boasting a sleek hideaway fridge/freezer, dual sinks, and a large granite-top island. A mounted deer skull, barn board island, and natural wood beams complete the space. Image via Miller-Roodell.com.
This modern rustic kitchen has a bold yellow island cabinet system that is complimented by bright salmon colored curtains. Stainless steel tap fixtures are contrasted by distressed iron in the modern light fixtures and stove hood. Image via Miller-Roodell.com.
This country kitchen leans heavily into the rustic theme with wooden cabinetry, vintage tap fixtures, and woven leather style chairs. The space is kept modern with a marble counter tops, large dual sinks, and a stainless steel stove beneath a clean tile backsplash. Image via Miller-Roodell.com.

Traditional Rustic Kitchens

The traditional rustic trend is influenced heavily by vintage decor and furniture pieces that could very well have been plucked right out of a longstanding farmhouse. The craftsmanship of wooden accent furniture is important in these rooms, as well as the attention to detail in decorating with pieces that are specific to the theme and inspiration. The traditional style fully embraces the natural and organic materials of the rustic trend, incorporating metals, ropes, wickers, and woods wherever possible. Consider the following traditional rustic kitchens that were successful at pulling off the ultimate farmhouse vibe:

The traditional cross beam island, wooden accent bar stools, and rustic hanging light fixtures contribute to the traditional country feel of this kitchen. Image via FarmhouseHub on Pinterest.
A beautiful teal inspired rustic kitchen has natural wood as a main decorative feature and distressed wooden barstools at a large wooden island. Image via BarnesVanze.com.
Traditional Rustic Country Kitchen
This country kitchen blurs the line between modern and traditional. Ultimately, the cross beam wood island, craftsman cabinetry, and floating shelves complete the traditional farmhouse style. Image via ArchitecturalDigest.com.
A traditional rustic country kitchen has dark custom cabinetry, wooden barn beams, and a large wooden dining table in the center of the room. Image via JKandSons.com.
Traditional farmhouse decor makes up this rustic chic kitchen space. Features like the distressed cabinetry, large wooden barn beam dining table, and vintage sink fixture help complete the look. Image via Jubelirerdesign.com.

Now that you can differentiate between the modern rustic style and the traditional one, you should be well equipped to plan where and how to introduce the style in your own home. Whether you decide to fully lean into the traditional farmhouse decor scheme or you prefer to just draw on elements of the rustic trend, your space is sure to feel cozier and homier with the various textures and wooden accents. Hopefully, you found as much inspiration in these beautiful rustic kitchen spaces as we did, happy decorating!

Kylene Loucks

I write for decoist.

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