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Rugged Modernity: Polished Industrial Bedroom with Exposed Brick Walls

The last couple of decades have seen a distinct shift from polished and stereotypical manmade finishes in the home to surfaces with a whole lot more character and plenty of visual contrast. This has led to a revival of sorts in styles such as industrial, farmhouse and rustic with homeowners preferring interior that offer a distinct personality and blend the old with the new. This is just what you get with the gorgeous Downtown Charleston Master Bedroom that features fabulous exposed brick walls, wooden floors, ingenious lighting and décor that has a certain antique appeal about it. Designed JLV Creative, it is a bedroom that is a must see for those who love modern-industrial style!

Window next to the bed in the bedroom adds to the lighting of the space and its airy appeal

The central focus of the bedroom is a dashing and comfortable bed (as it should be) with a tufted headboard and accent pillows that add just a touch of pattern to the otherwise neutral central piece. On both sides of the bed are two lovely industrial style pendant lights that illuminate the space while a slim metallic side table in gold brings dazzle and modernity to the bedroom. The custom raw wood table on side and the classic drawer on the other usher in an eclectic mix of styles while two large windows fill the room with plenty of natural light.

Exposed brick wall in the bedroom is accentuated by the beautiful use of bedside pendants
Large tufted headboard in the bedroom brings comfort and contrast to the rugged backdrop
View of the casually elegant modern industrial style bedroom in downtown Charleston
Vintage brick fireplace between the two windows makes an instant impact visually
Vintage drawer along with trunk in wood with pattern for the modern-industrial bedroom
Decorating the corner of the modern industrial bedroom with a comfy chair and an indoor plant
Decorating the corner of the modern industrial bedroom with a comfy chair and an indoor plant

With a lovely fireplace between the two large windows, there is another focal point in the room that is both cozy and timeless. A plush chair in white in the corner and an indoor plant complete this exquisite bedroom that leaves you captivated.

Slim natural wood table in the bedroom with smart decorative pieces
Using indoor plants to decorate the small side table in the industrial bedroom
Wooden box and small art piece for the bedroom table
Finding vintage decorative pieces for the small bedside table inside the industrial bedroom

Sherry Nothingam

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