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Raw Clay bricks shape this Relaxing Backyard Paradise in Santa Cruz

Love to spend more time outdoors than indoors? Then, creating a backyard oasis that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day lives even while keeping you connected with your home is a great way to find that time outdoors. Staycations have become a hugely popular trend in the last couple of years, even more so after a global pandemic has forced us to stay indoors! The Barrenechea House Extension by Cafeina Design is a perfect example of one such gorgeous backyard escape that offers pretty much everything one can ask for – from a swimming pool and sauna to home office and guest rooms along with a terrace that allows the homeowners to enjoy unabated views.

Backyard extension of the home with pool, dining area, sauna and more

This Bolivian retreat in Santa Cruz is clad in locally sourced raw clay bricks along with multiple metal beams that support the cantilevered upper structure beautifully. The clay bricks add a surreal red glow to the structure and separate it from the main house. Despite the use of traditional building materials, the interior of the building is modern and ergonomic with each of the spaces providing the homeowners exactly what they need. With a cool indoor-outdoor interplay, elevated platform and greenery all around, this backyard retreat is unlike any other. [Photography: Paul Renaud]

Locally sourced raw clay bricks add vernacular touch to the contemporary backyard escape and office
Lovely lighting takes over and sets the mood after sunset at the outdoor escape
Metal and clay rear extension of contemporary home in Santa Cruz
Metal beams of the structure offers ample support for the upper level while creating an open, lovely sitting area
Pavilion-style seating coupled with an open upper level for the rear extension
Traditional building materials are combined with modern farm for this backyard retreat created using clay bricks

The starting point of the design arises from the respect towards the existing trees, followed by the position of the pool, which aims to create an intimate social space at the back of the building. Subsequently, a raised platform creates the appearance of having a floating structure, while the sculptural columns imitate and frame the outline of the existing trees.

Trees around the lovely extension provide adequate natural shade
Contemporary home extension in Santa Cruz combines classic elements of vernacular design with modern design
Ground level floor plan of Barrenechea House Extension designed by Cafeina Design in Santa Cruc, Bolivia
Upper level floor plan of Barrenechea House Extension designed by Cafeina Design in Santa Cruc, Bolivia

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