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Getting Ready for Summer: Enliven Your Porch With Comfy Swings

Your porch is often the first thing visitors see of your home. It is a place that reflects your chosen decor for the entire home and has the job of looking welcoming, warm and inviting. But your porch is also the place where you hang out and watch your house’s surroundings, a place to read a nice book or watch your children play in the yard. Even though it stands outside the house, it is inevitably a big part of it. Wanting to make it special comes naturally and one way to do so is by installing a porch swing! It gives the space a certain dynamic that is mixed with comfort. Check out our roundup of best porch swings!

The Simplicity of a White Porch Swing

For a simple and serene styled porch, a white swing is the ideal choice. It gives you an opportunity to freely pick the colors of your cushions, treating the white swing like a blank canvas that is just waiting to be painted on. You can also go the other route and leave it blank, allowing the swing to be the bright centerpiece of your porch, without any distracting hues.

If you’re wondering how to style a simple white porch swing, look to Huckleberry Lane for inspiration. This particular swing is sporting thin red pillows that immediately capture your attention and act as a contrast to the white surface.

A white porch swing is a lovely addition to match the classic white picket fence! It is very elegant and traditional, exactly what you expect to see in an American-dream styled home.

This calming setting radiates the comfort and peacefulness of the place we call home. A neatly decorated porch will always benefit from a swing in its midst!

Simplicity is all you need, especially if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by the serenity of nature. This porch swing by Hayneedle is an amazing addition to any home overlooking a natural landscape.

Don’t like the classic bench swing design? Opt for an upgraded sofa-like swing that will bring the trends of wicker right onto your porch!

A bright white swing could easily get hidden by a matching porch fence if it wasn’t for the colorful pillows neatly placed upon it! Choose your pillows in noticeable hues, so that no part of your porch decor goes unnoticed!

Turn your porch into a wonderful and well-lit breakfast nook with a lovely porch swing held up by chic golden chains that add an air of glamour to the entire setting.

The rope is a great choice of material to hold up your porch swing, especially if the latter is white and traditional. The rope and the swing are a gorgeous match, one that we can immediately associate with noble countryside living.

Swinging in a Rustic Style

The farmhouse feel of the porch is one to chase if you want to make your home’s outdoors feel as cozy as the indoors. Adding a rustic swing to your porch will set the tone for the entire place and act as an inspiration for all the decor pieces that might follow. Swinging in a rustic swing means living the farmhouse dream!

A farmhouse swing will turn your porch into one of the coziest parts of your home, ideal for lounging and relaxing.

An iron porch swing is a fantastic choice for those who wish to decorate their porch in a less classic, more industrial style. It doesn’t even need cushions – its raw look is state-of-the-art!

Pallets have a way of making the furniture look exceptional! This unique porch swing by Pallet and Crate has an incredibly snuggly feel to it, due to its soft cushioning and rustic pallet frame!

If your home is the pride and joy of rustic barn style, this swing will fit right in! The countryside is always breathtaking and what better place to observe it from than your very own rustic porch swing!

In an old-fashioned setting that is calling for some rustic elements, a shabby chic iron porch swing will find its rightful place!

When we think of a pallet swing that is channeling farmhouse decor in all its beauty, this is what we have in mind. It is the perfect piece to serve as a focal point of your entire porch!

The combination of chains, rustic wood and brown cushioning creates the perfect shabby porch swing that will fill your porch with an air of domesticity that any homemaker can only wish for. A Guy, A Girl and A Really Old House made it from old doors!

Spacious Porch Swings Fit for Family Lounging

Aside from the dining and the living room, the porch is a place where the whole family can hang out together, spending some quality time bonding and making memories. If you want a swing that can comfortably accommodate more than just one person, you can opt for a porch swing that almost feels like a bed, given its size and comfort. Big and spacious swings are ideal for lounging with loved ones and bound to be adored by children!

If comfort and spaciousness are the qualities you are looking for in a porch swing, choose a wide swing that you can easily stretch on! The more cushions you add to it, the cozier it will feel and surely the children will love to spend time on it, since they are the biggest swing enthusiasts!

When you can’t tell whether your porch holds a bed or a swing, you know you are living the glamorous life. Big families will welcome an outdoorsy cuddling place like this, just make sure you have a strong steel cable holding it up!

When it comes to swings, size does matter. The bigger they are, the more comfort they can provide! They can be used as your number one relaxation station. With a king size swing, you can easily take a proper nap right there on your porch!

Porch Swings in a Modern Setting

You may associate the concept of a porch with a rural ambience, but you can absolutely style your porch with modern decor and have the perfect porch swing be a part of it too! Choosing vibrant colors, such as red, will result in a daring exterior, while picking something more neutral, such as the classic wooden swing, will fit in with a minimalist decoration concept and give you plenty of freedom when decorating the rest of the porch.

A natural porch swing has the ability to blend in with the modern decor, turning your porch into a dynamic, but calming, resting space. For styling, choose cushions that match both the color of the swing and the color of its surroundings, to create some consistency.

If classic and simplistic swings don’t excite you whatsoever, opt for a modern and vibrant swing that radiates luxury!

A neat way to decorate a lively, colorful porch is by pairing a neutral swing with pillows that match all the colors of the existing decor. This will create balance and continuity, making sure your porch looks trendy and cozy at the same time!

Achieving harmony between the colors is not an easy task. You don’t want your porch swing to look too bright, but you also want it to be modern and visible. If you look to Rustic Pig Designs for inspiration, you will see how the baby blue gives this swing a serene undertone that works as a great contrast to the colorful cushioning!

Your very own porch can look like a relaxing glamping retreat when you add a minimalist wooden swing that will feel right at home in the natural setting.

The Dreamy and Comfortable Countryside Swings

If you are lucky enough to live in a countryside, surrounded by nature itself, you will need a porch swing that fits in with the surroundings and doesn’t act like too much of a contrast. Wooden swings with creative cushioning are perfect for that, offering an opportunity to stay country, but still bring some color to your porch. You can also utilize a countryside-styled porch swing if you live in the modern suburbs and so bring some of that rural spirit into your environment.

Imagine drinking your morning coffee on a porch swing that matches the trees and perfectly blends in with the nature and its peacefulness. It is the ideal for any country home!

Placing a simple wooden swing on a porch surrounded by greenery is a wonderful choice for lovers of natural and inconspicuous decor.

While some prefer a minimalist swing that blends in with the setting it is placed in, others want a lively porch swing that immediately draws attention to itself and dominates the space!

When thinking about porch swings that stand out we tend to think about those styled in warm colors, but as this eye-catching porch swing by Wilkerdos shows us, a colder color palette works just as well!

If you are going for a truly unique styling, nothing can compare to cushioning resembling denim! It gives your swing a rough 90’s vibe that is softened by the cream colored pillows and the wooden exterior!

Perfect Porch Swing shows us a wooden porch ambience, perfected by dark green window shutters! The swing adds an element of leisure to the mix, creating an idyllic setting that holds both modern and country features.

The combination of a chestnut brown swing and multicolored cushions proves to be a fantastic idea for a countryside porch swing!

A vintage styled porch swing will play its part in creating a harmonious place overlooking the wonders of the countryside, where you can comfortably hang out on sunny days.

Luna Lupus

I write for decoist.

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