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Penthouse with a Difference: Breezy Contemporary Apartment in Flamengo

When you live in a city as vibrant and beautiful as Rio, making most of the views on offer and bringing the outdoors inside is a luxury that you simply do not want to miss on. Nestled in a busy neighborhood of Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this fabulous penthouse was given a brand new makeover by Estúdio Guanabara, driving away its once dark and cluttered vibe. Apartment in Flamengo now has a cheerful, open and light-filled interior that is connected with the spacious and green deck outside. Poorly planned internal partitions inside the apartment were done away with in favor of an open plan living that also includes the kitchen.

Open living area and kitchen of revamped Apartment in Flamengo

Sliding, stackable glass doors now connect the living space in white with the lovely balcony outside. Potted plants and views of the vivacious city beyond no longer seem alien and add color to the neutral interior. Porcelain tile, metallic surfaces and polished contemporary finishes are balance by the use of wood in the form of a lovely kitchen island and kitchen cabinets that save space as well. Shelves in white blend in with the living room walls and reduce visual fragmentation while a small dining area illuminated by oversized pendant light completes the attractive and fresh living room.

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Wooden kitchen island adds different textural element to the open plan living
Comfortable couch in light blue for the modern living room
Metal, tile and wood create a warm and polished modern living room
Oversized pendant for the small and modest dining area
Sliding glass doors connect the new living room with the balcony outside

An elevated wooden platform next to the window hides a trundle bed below and can be used as guest sleeping area when needed. On the platform, a relaxed sitting area /reading nook welcomes the homeowners even as comfortable modern décor and slim, space-saving furniture complete the contemporary transformation. [Photography: Flávia Palazzo]

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Elevated platform next to the window provides great space for a minimal bed
Space savvy platform and trundle bed rolled into one
Coat rack, smart shelving and show rack for the tiny entry
Small powder room in concrete
Hexagonal gray tiles for the polished contemporary bathroom and shower
Spacious balcony outside with plenty of greenery

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