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Sparkling Coffee Bar and Restaurant Takes Shape Inside an Old Paint Factory

Adaptive reuse of old buildings not only cuts back on construction costs, but also is a planet-friendly option that reduces waste. In a world where consumers seem to be more and more bothered about ‘green credentials’ of products and homes alike, the idea makes perfect sense. Nestled in an industrial neighborhood of The Hague, Netherlands, Capriole Café personifies this innovative trend in architecture as Bureau Fraai transformed an old paint factory into a sleek and dashing contemporary café and restaurant. The makeover is truly exceptional with an interior that stands in contrast to the more abrasive neighborhood the café sits in.

Dark metallic structure defines the new areas of the cafe

The revamped interior has been split into two different levels with the ground floor holding the coffee roastery, coffee bar and restaurant and the top level housing the more private barista training center, a showroom, a dashing office space and a meeting room. Steel adds another layer of intrigue to the existing interior and gives the coffee house a cool and sophisticated look even as the black and white color scheme is left largely undisturbed. Décor in wood anchors the space and also provides some much needed warmth while it is the sculptural lighting fixtures along with great recessed lighting that set the mood. [Photography: René van Dongen , Pascal Striebel]

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The existing small windows of the building were replaced by 5 meter high steel window frames with doors opening up the interior towards the terrace and marina in front of the café. The main goal of the design of the café was to create a total experience of every aspect of the making and consumption of “coffee”.

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