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Old Loft in Oslo from the 20’s Turned into Beautiful Modern Apartments

Adaptive reuse of structures often gives birth to some of the most impressive apartments and homes across the globe. The unique and light-filled Vidars Gate revamped by R21 Arkitekter in Oslo is a set of two apartments that sit inside a larger loft that was originally built in the 1920’s. The original loft was opened up with a set of four modern arcs that turn the old and dreary interior into a modern apartment full of natural light. A wall of glass adds to this visual appeal with the open living area, dining room and kitchen on the lower level and the bedrooms above. Beyond this one finds the rooftop terrace that offers a private and lovely refuge amidst the urban rush.

View of Vidars Gate Apartments designed by R21 Arkitekter in Oslo

Color scheme inside the apartment is largely neutral with white and gray shaping much of the living area. It is the kitchen that sits in between the living area and the dining space and acts as a transitional zone even as the flood of light makes sure that there are no dark corners anywhere. Sconce lights and minimal décor complete a set of apartments perfectly suited for modern life. [Photography: Studiooslo, Bergur Briem]

Large arcs bring ample natural light into the revamped apartment units
Modern arcs transform both the interior and the exterior of the apartments
Old loft in the 20’s turned into beautiful modern apartments in Oslo
Smart kitchen and dining area maximize space inside the Oslo apartments
View of the living area from the upper level of the apartments

Each of the apartments has a rooftop terrace on top of an arc. The project is all about exploiting the qualities that the rooftop situation represents. The minimalistic expression of the arcs is made to match the stripped down facades of the modestly built house without the ornaments and details typically found on buildings in this area.

Combining light and dark elements inside the Norwegian apartment
Combining light and dark elements inside the Norwegian apartment
Contemporary and minimal staircase with built-in storage
Kitchen, dining area and living room on the lower level of the apartments
Lower level floor plan of Vidars Gate designed by R21 Arkitekter
Upper level floor plan of the apartments

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